Platform, plez!

Developing a platform is a simple four-step process!

Understand the situation.
Take a position.
Articulate actions.
Compile into a coherent framework.

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Blanco the Cat here has all the ingredients for a Filipino-style political campaign:
1. Crass appeal to "nationalism" (big flag background).
2. Say-nothing, vanilla-simple catchphrase.
3. Equally vacuous statement of "platform/ideal" ("I like fish!").
4. Presented in retard-level Tagalog.

Under the traditional way that Filipino politicians make their pitch to the Philippine electorate, even a Cat can run for office!

But there is reason to doubt that a cat can understand this:

The role of Government lies in the creation of an environment where one can peacefully pursue their aspirations in a manner respectful of others' own efforts to pursue theirs.

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Platform, plez!
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