05 November 2004

My reaction to your "The rich are stupid and the poor are ignorant".

What have you done personally to address the problems the Philippines is facing? It's either you're smart enough to say it's not your sole responsibility and the job belongs to the elected leaders, or you're stupid enough to get thrown to jail or get killed for confronting those elected leaders for not doing their job. Which would you rather be, a stupid dead martyr or a smart living rich Joe?

01 November 2004

How about the 80 or so other languages that are not being taught in schools? We should confine the teaching of tagalog in the katagalugan and taeach kapampangan in pampanga, Cebuano in Cebu, Waray in Samar, Maguindanao in Maguindanao, etc. etc. along side with English. I want the government to stop force feeding tagalog to us none tagalog speakers. Our government's policy on the national language is tantamount to ethnic cleansing, for, common sense would tell you, Pilipino language is nothing more that Tagalog.

12 October 2004

I have been reading your articles for awhile and I think you have really hit it. In my opinion the only ones to blame at this point is the Filipino people themselves. Yes, may mga historical disadvantages tayo and imperialism and colonialism etc. Pero, in this day and age parang hindi na excuse yun.

I live in Canada and yung sinasabi mo sa pagiging backwards ng Filipino is so evident. I admit to being jealous of say, the Chinese community kasi talagang united front sila. Ang Pinoy here cannot say the same. We actually have a Filipino "ghetto" here and yes, yung hilaan pababa is so evident. Hell, kung alam niyo lang yung mga ginagawa ng mga ibang pinoy dito... Yung moral bankruptcy and false pride is so annoying. Pinoys here feel so superior to everyone and they do not care about this society either. Ayokong sabihin na I am ashamed of my fellow pinoy. I am ashamed that ganun pa rin sila. Backwards and closed-minded.

I have read those letters that say you do not offer do, the change has to do with the people first. Change the attitude and be aware. Once you're aware then you can make informed decisions right? If people, on an everyday basis would live responsibly with thought of community and society (whether Canada or Philippines, basta tao) and not be so self-centered (instead of "How will I eat" ask "How will WE eat") then infectious yun. Tao ang problema. Tao din naman (I use the term loosely here) ang nasa gobyerno di ba? Tao ang gustong bumoto sa artista. But I have hope na maybe if people become aware of their roles and responsibility as citizens then maybe things will change.

Anyway, thank you and I'll e-mail again kasi gusto ko yung forum na ganito as a way to express...kasi yun nga ang dahilan kung bakit ang laki ng galit ko sa Pilipinas and Filipinos in general, we oppress and suppress opinions and people that do not fit the narrow world view "they" have. Would you beleive I've been called and accussed of everything from communist to satanist to freak to weirdo in the Philippines but am considered quite "normal" and likable in Canada?...Salamat and let's keep it up. I am doing my share to educate pero ang hirap pag sarado ang isipan ng tao.

08 October 2004

I just loved your article "The Lack of Substance in Filipino Society". It drew a sigh of relief from me to finally find a website with a truly critical viewpoint of Philippine Society and its current events.

It's no secret that the more advanced societies have a culture committed to a never-ending pursuit of quality, improvement, and excellence. Sadly, Filipinos seem to believe that solutions to their problems can be found in "magic wand" legislations and tax measures.

To tell you the truth, I'm beyond sympathetic to the plight of our Filipino brethren. I don't want to sound cruel, but I'm actually disgusted at our society's lack of substance.

More power to you. And keep criticising! Someone must represent the true voice of reason.

04 October 2004

ei there,

you took the words right out of my brain. for so long ive been thinking that ways and finally A VOICE SPEAKS!! im talking about ALL the topics u talk about... its simply very true and its sumthing ive been thinking about for so long.

im a half iranian and half filipino.... you know what i hate? how racist filipino movies and media are toward chinese, arab, and americans....

they ALWAYS make racist remarks about BOMBAYS on tv like "mabaho, or amoy bawang, or 5-6 pa utang sa bumbay"... they automatically assume all arabs are muslims and terrorists and all characters on tv that plays an arab guy has to "Talk differently" you know what im talking about... ung bombay way of talking yet they exagerrate it.

to me this kind of think is so disrespectful to a RACE.....

its like america in the 1960's.... they use white men to play black men (pain their faces) and make them talk funny or tap dance to get a few laughs.... does it differ from how filipinos joke about arab or chines people on tv nowadays? i think not.

o yeah, i love ur column on tv personalities who are running for public office.... thats just stupid....

yes... we will have people power 21 thru 29... and... joey marquez will be voted president, if not him, romnick sarmenta or lito lapid or sum other dickhead dumbass.... i know.... asi taulava for mayor... i can see it now....

anyways.... sorry for my ranting.... i just appreciate what u did so much and TRUST ME.... theres alot of us out there who agree with what u say.....

i applaude u for speaking what were always thinking....

thank you and pls run for office.... i will vote for u and our country needs YOUR way of thinking.....

24 September 2004

Bravo! At first, I was real seething. I have always loved the concept of Manila, of that "ever-loyal, ever-noble" city, as the symbol of what our country has been, of what it has the potential to be . . . and so reading you tear apart the city's dignity left me quite speechless with indignation. But after reading your other articles (notably those on our "leaders", to use the term very loosely), I thought that perhaps you (your writers) and I have the same thing in mind. We want this country to move forward, past the hate or rather through it, by bringing justice to and not simply "forgiving" those whose rapacity brought this country to what it is today. We want to wake the people from their stupor, and if we have to pour vitriol over the sugarcoat and lies that propaganda has buried us to make us escape from it, then very well, go on. I've never really admired indelicacy, but in this case, I'm prepared to make an exception. Your words really hurt, but it would have be en a mere prick compared to what those hooligans running our country have done. I'm going to recommend this site to every thinking, open-minded Filipino I know.

23 September 2004

I found your article accurate and exact. There a lot of Filipinos, some now naturalized U.S. citizens, who still think of their former Motherland and ponder the decay of its culture and resources.

Your article pretty much sums up the topics we talk about. In my opinion, it may also take involvement of expatriates or "balik-bayans" to be a catalyst in steering the economy and culture back to its better days. Much like the days of Rizal during the Spanish era, the European educated Filipinos brought much culture and ideals back to their country.

I really hope that the people of the Philippines and those that are honestly caring for its betterment, get to read your article.

16 September 2004

It is not the government's responsibility to uplift the lives of each Filipino.

We keep on blaming others, but has there been any change according to our desires? according to what's good for each and everyone of us and our country?

We have become a nation of blamers. We blame others in our own dysfunctionalities, unpleasant circumstances, our poor economics. We blame others for our own problems that we ourselves have created.

We are poor because we choose to be poor. We choose to do what unsuccessful people do.

We are poor not because of somebody or circumstance. It's in our own daily living routine.

Success is hidden in our own daily agenda. Does our daily routine of living our life lead to success?

Let's all think about it!

Then let's start taking responsibility for our own life.

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