08 September 2004

To the webmasters of GET REAL PHILIPPINES:


I have only recently discovered your site while I was perusing through the internet. I must say that I agree with everything that you have said about the Philippines and its people.

By the way I am a 25 year old Filipino, trying to eke out a living here in Dubai.

I have long pondered at the sad state of affairs that our country is going through and I cannot help but feel sorry for us. When I chanced upon your site and read through your articles, I heaved a sigh of relief because I felt that finally, I found someone who feels the same way as I do about my country. All the things you said, you've written, it was like you have taken every thought from my mind and posted them.

I am very disheartened by our country's situation. The things that we have done and the shame that we have brought upon ourselves have made us the laughing stock of the world. Ever noticed that in almost every movie there is always the token comic relief guy? Well, in the global community, our country is that guy. We have become the laughing stock of the world and the stigma of being a Filipino follows us everywhere we go. Nobody is taking us seriously and we are grossly discriminated.

Before I came upon your site, I used to think that the only way the Filipino will ever get out of its slump is a radical and total change of mindset and attitude. We need to change our damaged culture and I am happy that you guys also feel the same way about it. I know that this change cannot and will not happen overnight but it has to start somewhere, whatever, wherever, the point is the change has to start and I believe that your website could be a catalyst for that change. Or if we really are impatient there is always a quick solution - genocide, but that would be taking it too far. I'm just kidding.

Perhaps the best thing that we can do now is start the change among ourselves and slowly influence and encourage others to do the same.

We could start by viewing each Filipino as a fellow countryman, not as a "kabalen" or a kabaryo or ka-klase or whatever. In short, stop the discrimination. I cannot tell you how many times I have experienced discrimination in our country especially since I am from Davao City. I once was passed up for a job fro a guy that barely finished college just because he is from Pampanga, which incidentally, so was the guy who was interviewing us. In another incident, I was in Manila for a conference once and we were taken on a tour around town by a friend. We passed by a new building and I asked him what that building was. He looked at me and arrogantly replied "Yan? Yan ang building." I would have ripped his eyes out had not my friends stopped me.

I thought that when I came to Dubai I will be rid of this regionalist discrimination. I thought that once here, we Filipinos would band together since we are on a foreign land, I mean who can you turn to when you are in need but your countrymen, right? Oh how wrong I was. I would always hear words like, "kayo talagang mga bisaya kayo" or "ano ako, bisaya?" or "para ka namang bisaya (followed by laughter)" from my Filipino officemates whenever I make a mistake or whenever someone mispronounces a word. I have heard of accounts that there are some Filipino bosses who report their Filipino employees to the Immigration and have them deported if they do not like them or if they do not follow their bosses. There are a lot of other instances like this that I am not going to detail anymore happening in this place. I even get these puzzling looks from the Filipina salesladies whenever my wife and I walk into an exclusive store or eat at really fancy restaurant. Once my wife and I walked into a cosmetics store and this Filipina saleslady did not even bother to entertain us, and even gave us this look like she was questioning what we were doing there. She was so rude to us and was never accessible when we needed something (granted there were only about 4 of us in the store). My wife bought about $200 worth of cosmetics and beauty products (as pasalubong, we were on our way home on vacation). When she told the saleslady she was going to buy it all, she gave us another one of those puzzling looks and said "uhmm.. lahat po? Sigurado kayo? 600 Dirhams (about $200) po yan?" My wife was miffed at her, she took 1000 Dirhams from her wallet and slammed it on the counter, saying "yes I will take it all and I am paying cash"

My point in all this is that if we expect to be treated equally and be respected, then we should also treat ourselves equally and with respect. We shouldn't discriminate if we want that we should not be discriminated, even in the little things. If we want the world to respect us then I think it's high time we respected ourselves.

It's a relief to find someone who feels exactly the same as I do. I have so many things in my mind about our country, too many woes and too many regrets. The fact remains that our country is in dire straits and hope is still far from the horizon. Now Rey Valera's song "Malayo Pa Ang Umaga" makes so much sense.

More power and keep on enlightening the masses.

A fellow patriot and advocate of change..

07 September 2004

siguro nga bobo ang mga pinoy. pero hindi nabulok ang sistema sa lipunang pilipino dahil sa bobo ang mag pinoy... nabobo lang talaga ang mga pinoy dahil sa bulok na sistemang umiiral... parang usapin lang yan kung tamad ba ang mga pilipino o hindi... maaaring hindi nga mabago agad ang sistema natin ng pabigla - bigla. pero nakakalungkot (o nakakatawa na lang talaga pag sawa ka na) isipin na marami ang nakakaisip at naghahanap ng pagbabago. pero iilan lang ang kumikilos para maisapraktika yung mga bagay na naiisip nila... kaya minsan tuloy, masakit mang tanggapion bilang isang pilipino, patuloy na dumadami ang bilang ng mga bobong pinoy...

24 August 2004

In your section of "True Leaders,"you need to add the likes of Bong Revillia, Jingoy Estrada, and Lito Lapid who makes me sick to the gut whenever I remember that they actually won a seat at the senate. The once respectable Senate of the 60's has now been turned into nothing but a soap-opera. The Philippines is turning to a showbiz republic and I would dread to see the day if by any chance one of these idiots would one day be president.

18 August 2004

this is a very intereseting site you have here. i was in the pinoyexchange forum with the phil star article reading what people have to say and i saw the link for get real. the articles here are thought-provoking...sometimes i feel myself blush because i read about the absurdities, follies, and life in general of the filipinos, and i realize, or rather am reminded, that it is not a pretty picture. it's hard to get the ideas across to people as contentious as some of those in pex, who fail to see (or choose to ignore) reality, and i'd like to say i appreciate it, for one.

more power to your site. i hope we as a people get what we deserve, and i am praying that where we are now, and what we are now, is not it.

18 August 2004

Well, all I can say to you is....Stay out and leave us alone! (NB: presumably addressed to Nasty)

I'm pretty sure the Philippines will be a bit better with the absence of an American wannabe such yourself and the rest of the twats who thinks your hypocritical convictions are worth considering.

If you claim to say that my homeland is hell on earth then why do you keep on coming back then? Are you a glutton for punishment?

Tell you what if you think U.S. is paradise despite of its lack of Human Rights (you should be thankful you're not of Middle Eastern descent) then stay where you are.

I find you rather hypocritical for severely criticising my country for its quirks whilst booking a flight to Manila. Doesn't that negate everything you stand for?

Seriously, I am glad you've finally chose to become American at least that's one less stupid Filipino to contend with. A Filipino twat that displays a complete lack of understanding what Filipino is all about.

I'm sure you won't be sadly missed

09 August 2004

We all want a better Philippines, don't we? Okay, just assume it. Don't you think all this (get real) is exactly the complaining and whining that you speak of? I don't know what I'm saying...I lost track...I think Get Real is reactionary, not that it's me out on this one. What is Get Real's goal? What are the measures being taken to reach that goal? How does Get Real visualize a better Philippines?

I am really impressed with this site and its perspectives. I would appreciate your reply very much. I'll be answering your reply as soon as I finish reading through the rest of the site, but for now, I'll be back to studying.

After reading through some of the articles, the cynicism was annoying. Sorry for the hasty judgement. Still, I'm ambivalent-the points were valid but it was really annoying. Maybe because of how low Filipinos are described (crab mentality or just plain getting real?) or maybe it's my hesitance to accept harsh, sad realities.

07 August 2004

i so agree with every word written in this article. i have felt this frustration about our culture since i was a child. all i grew with was the dysfuntion of people around me and the fear that the religion instilled in my heart.i was frustrated at the endless poverty and the easy lazy going way the people dealt with an adult it was numbing to realize that it was not only the people igrew with that are dysfunctional but the whole sosciety itself. i was frustrated at the system of class society.i was frustrated at numbers of children, poor women with drunken, womanising husbands give birth to.the engless cicle of poverty and dysfunction they pass on to their children.i escaped that with great difficulty.and i feel fortunate that i did not embrace the culture that i grew up with, but, what does it mean to be a Filipino? what is the real Filipino culture? if our culture is sick to the core, was there ever a time in our history when we were well?

05 August 2004

If I were being held to ransom, I would much prefer my government acted decisively as Arroyo did on the hostage issue. Unfortunately the Australian government is too busy toadying to the US to put a human life above mere policy. Can we swap?

02 August 2004

What a funny website.

I'm a second generation immigrant to the United States. This website reminds me of my family and relatives whenever we have a get together. They always talk about the stupid moronic things that Filipinos do. All the tsismis and the self righteous talk is uproariously entertaining. In particular, we truly enjoy stories of those who just visited the Philippines: full of disparaging remarks about the old country and the stupid silly childish people that live there.

This website is no different. It is really funny.

Please post more articles, stories and anecdotes. Maybe those stupid silly childish people in the old country will learn a thing or two and grow up.

31 July 2004

Good day sir! I am a 4th year BS Psychology student from the University of the Philippines-Diliman. I would just like to comment on your article entitlled "Most Explosive Issue..."

Sir, having a big population gives us the great advantage of having a STRONG, and GLOBAL MANPOWER. Something that the West does not have (and yet craves to have) due to their declining population growth. Sir, the country's big population isn't really the problem here.

And sir, the Church's doctrine is NOT human doctrine, it is God's doctrine. Since God is infinite, so is His doctrine..making Church doctrine INFINITELY MORE FIXED than Everest is.

10 July 2004

I love your website. Though I would also like you to give notice to the double standard that affects the men more than the women here in this stupid country of ours. The Philippines is getting a very hard place to be a man. We are being ridiculed savagely in media. We have a dearth of real role models in this society. Fatherhood is becoming obsolete due to lifestyle choices of women. Less work is being offered. Less opportunities are being given and anti-discriminatory laws tend to find more favor to women than men in any situation. It's as if the male gender don't have any say in anything anymore. I am all for equality, but this society's continued emasculation of our gender is getting more and more oppressive every single day.

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