01 July 2004

I applaud your effort and your reasons for putting up such a website. I do not agree with you on most if not all of the issues you have raised. You show the very trait that you criticise, that is lack of pride in the philippines and filipino people. Ang nakikita ko lang dito sa website mo is puro reklamo at ka dramahan, puro self-abasement ika nga nung isang nagsulat sa feedback. Tapos wala ka namang binigay na concrete, practical and applicable na solusyon.

Hindi ako nag aagree sa 'yo for the following reasons:

-Nationalism is on the way out. Increasing globalisation and movement and sharing of peoples and ideas make this ideology of statehood increasingly obsolete. Hence the increasing difficulty of defining what makes a filipino, american, chinese, indian , arab, mexican etc. Isa sa manifestation nito ay heightened ethnic awareness and paradoxically increasing number of people seeing themselves as having more than one identity(ethnic, nationality, culture etc). Kaya nga kahit yung mga intsek o bumbay hindi nila alam kung what makes on an intsek or bumbay kultura ba o nationality o ehtnicity (i.e. race).

-Sa pagkabasa ko ng ilang article alam ko nna hinda ka economist. Dahil kung may alam ka ng konting economics malalaman mo na yung problemang sinasabi mo ay parte ng global na phenomenon. Yung maga ideas mo tungkol sa ekonomiya ay very naive at very uninformed. Karamihan ng problemang nabanggit mo ay ma aaleviate kung maganda ang economy. Walang kinalalaman sa pagiging morally bankrupt man o hindi ng kultura natin at hindi masosolve yun by changing our culture by copying or applying others to our society because ang society natin a different.

-You show a total lack of historical knowleedge and understanding. Kaya hindi mo alam kung bakit young ibang country e mayaman at yung iba e mahirap. Ang current economic standing ng 'pinas ay hindi dahil lang sa kultura at society natin. erong mga valid historical reasons. Example, yung na mention mo na intsek immigrants (isama na rin yung mga mayaman na bumbay at arabo)at kung bakit sila ay yumaman na at yung mga karamihan ng pinoy ay mahirap. Hindi mo ba alam na dominate ng mga dayuhang ito ang business eh dahil sinetup ng mga kastila yan. They spanish put in place a policies that prevented the filipinos from owning or running businesses, crafts and other professions to make them economically reliant on land which is owned by them. They also prevented filipinos from studying and promoted a policy of illiteracy for filipinos. This left filipinos poor. illiterate and having no skills. They also deliberately humiliated filipinos by disallowing cultural practices thus effectively robbing us of our heritage. They also promoted divide and conquer tactics by setting one filipino tribe against another. They did all this to consolidate and strenghten their hold on the Philippines. Thus they cannot allow filipinos to get rich and so brought in chinese, indians and others to perform and provide necessary economic functions. Kaya nung independence karamihan ng mga businesses ay dominated ng mga intsek at may stanglehold sila dito from manufacture to supply, distributiona and retail. This is not unique as it was done by all colonial powers in other colonies such as in africa, carribean, latin america and other southeast asian countries such as malaysia and indonesia. This is standard practice by colonisers.

-Lagi nalang sina sabi ng maraming pinoy naa walaw daw pride ang mga pinoy sa pagiging pinoy. Tama na hindi tayo proud in the way others are such as the chinese, japanese or indians. Pero hindi natin kailangan sa pilipinas itong type of pride nila na base on race which in their mind equals culture and nationality. Itong type na idelogyyna ito ang may kagagawan kung bakit nangyari yung atrocities ng mga nazi. Very simple minded ito at on the way out due to globalisation. However proud ang mga pinoy (including me) sa pagiging filipino not because we are rich, have a recognised long and great history or because we are superior due to our culture or genes. We are proud dahil tayo ay makatao, may kapwa, generally courteous and polite (especially compared to others)and higit sa lahat very tolerant tayo. Proud ako na kahit saan sa mundo, generally we are well liked and respected. Hindi katulad ng iba like chinese, arabs, indians and mexicans na kahit saan eh target sila ng local hatred dahil hindi sila marunong makisalimuha. Tayo tumatangap ng refugees kahit mahirap lang ang bansa hindi katulad ng mga neighbours natin na tlagang pinalayas ang mga boat people kahit na wala ng ibang pupuntahan. Kaya nga diyan sa iraq yung kga filipino soldiers ay kaibigan ng maga tao kaya hindi nakikidnap o tinatarget na patayin. According to one study in the US filipinos are in the upper middle tier according to social distance. With the top tier being the most accepted by all americans to the bottom being considered the least accepted, not liked and seen as foreign and thus amricans are most hostile to. All the rest of asians (arabs,japanese, koreans, indians etc) fill the bottom tier and latinos the middle with filipinos at the upper middle.

27 June 2004

It is not smart of you to advise to give people a lot of choices and then let them decide whether to go with it or to adhere to church teachings. That is where moral decays starts which is very prevalent in the materially rich but morally poor western countries led by US. Development can happen both sides.

27 June 2004

This is one of the most honest website about the Philippine situation that I have come across in years. It's direct and no-nonsense observations of the events that have been happening in this beloved (despite all this, still beloved) country of ours is an eye-opener and it's just a wonder that not too many Filipinos have gotten around to reading this site.

I want to say more but feel humbled with your clarity and conciseness. You've covered most of my grievances and more, so would just like to extend my thanks for giving structure and words to most of our frustrations and hoping that you never tire of updating this site.

17 June 2004

Hello sir,

Im not sure if you're the same guy that's been posting at ppu's forum, but if it's really you Ill give you two thumbs up! waay up! Nasupalpal mo talaga sila. This is one of their threads that makes me and my wife laugh: " Philippines is not that crummy" HA HA HA! That means the Philippines is not a third world country tsk tsk I guess those numbnuts needs to wake up and smell the stagnant "imburnal" .. Thank and more power ..

15 June 2004

After reading about a paragraph into your Solutions, I reaized that you have definitely read Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. Correct me if I'm wrong. I can tell you embrace his observations on human history, and it's cool to see this theory spreading.

NB: The author of "Solutions" has not read Ishmael by Daniel Quinn.

08 June 2004

WHy are we poor? Why are we one of the poorest countries in asia?? The answere is more evident when I visited different countries worldwide. I went to Taiwan and while walking the night market I saw this electric contraption that spins around like a fan except instead of fan blades they have strings in them...they use this to prevent flies from settling on their food. I went to Malaysia and they have cleaned up their roads by regularly cleaning it daily...resulting in a clean environment. I visit the Philippines and people are still using walis tingting to clean the dirt in fron of their house...people are still swatting flies with their hands to prevent flies from getting in their other words they are still doing the same things they were doing 40 years ago. Instead of finding efficient ways to better their lives...they are content to what is known to them.....intead of covering the dirt floor with grass or plants in their front yard they would rather sweep daily to keep their unsightly dirt floor clean.....we are wasting our time fools! Let use our god given creative spirit to better use.

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