19 May 2004

haha! so its official: the Philippines SUCKS!! Thank Goodness I'm from Singapura (Singapore!!) lahh!! :p I have a few Philipino friends (@ my uni) who keep on boasting to me on how "nice" their country is.. i ask them why they are studying in Singapore if their country is so "nice" and they fall silent LMAO nice to read how CRAPPY it really is over there! kudos on being the FIRST philippino who is honest bout their country!! (i love SINGAPORE!! THE LION CITY!)

20 April 2004

You want to change society? Start with yourself. Then, change your friends. Then, change whoever will listen.

Start by giving up the trappings of privilegentsia -- the wang-wangs, the connections, the grease money. Learn to queue for everything, live in traffic, pay your taxes, pay your fines, bite the dust. When you have done all these things, then, maybe. Yes, maybe, you can start talking.

The way of the revolutions is way past. We have to change this country the way a train is repaired while it is running. Capish?

20 April 2004

random thoughts:

on english vs. tagalog, i think this is part of what you call filipino racism. english is way overrated (full disclosure: my tagalog is weak).

the site is full of complaints that i have heard elsewhere -- pero may flowchart lang and some theorizing.

i like the attempt to a solutions page but, in the end, it is not clear what you really want to happen. is your strategy to make each and every filipino subscribe to the philosophy of GRP!!, that is, change their mindset to one "that is conducive to sustainable prosperity"? reminds me of those religion classes where the teacher urges each student to be honest and industrious, etc, etc.

anyway, if you people have time, email me. would love a response.

04 April 2004

it is particularly ironic how the jeepney *remains* a symbol of pinoy ingenuity considering that it was a design that hailed back from the 40's. maybe it was innovative then, but now? highly doubtful.

of course, there's no denying that the jeepney has become part of our cultural heritage, something that the philippines can be easily identified by. at the same time that i disagree that we should phase them out because somehow they have become distinguishing, material aspects of our culture, i agree that they are exacerbating the traffic problem (i've to bear the brunt of the traffic jams their recklessness, and *temporary* and misplaced terminals cause everyday). at present, yes, they are quite a pain, but maybe we could look for other means to make these diesel-guzzlers more environment-friendly, less noisy, and more efficient modes of transport.

04 April 2004

I would just like to comment on the Australian who wrote here. I can't find any logic in the fact that if he is so disgusted with the Filipinos in general and the Philippines in particular, how could he have stayed here for 12 long years?

I don't know if your website was created for the sole purpose of "criticizing" us, Filipinos (if you're a Filipino too, that is) for criticism's sake, but I believe there's another purpose to that. When you're already in the pit, there's no other way but UP. If, after reading your articles, Filipino readers can still sleep soundly at night and go on living like nothing so damn bad serious is happening with this country, then this site has failed us too, the way most Filipinos (yes!) have failed this country and their heroes who fought valiantly for the "freedom". Sure it's funny. Some articles also had me laughing my heart out but let me get one thing didn't stay at that. If the articles can't get you thinking and ACTING for the better, I don't know what will. Sure we have the propensity to laugh over our problems and there are studies that point out that this has served us well especially during crisis situations. But if all we do is laugh and point fingers, we are doomed. But we are still rational beings and we can choose to be more pro-active than just sit back and watch (or read and laugh). If only for the sake of our families...if only for the sake of our children. No one has the right to tell us WHO WE REALLY ARE for they can only judge.


It only takes one Filipino to decide not to accept in his heart what these chauvinistic foreigners (or quite sadly, fellow Filipinos too)say about us. I believe this > could produce some sort of a "halo" effect and can positively impact on the country in the long run, slowly BUT SURELY.

I appreciate GET REAL because I chose to accept its positive impact. By knowing one learns and learning takes place if there is apparent change.

After all is said and done, sadly more is said than done. The Philippines can be great. We can take back the pride and honor this country once enjoyed. We don't have to lose our soul and dignity along with our fellow Filipinos who gave up on this country. If our sight fails us because of a huge cloud of hopelessness hovering above us, we should not let that also cloud our brains. We are an intelligent race. That is a fact! Claim it and live it out. Our teachers abroad are teaching the next generation of people who will turn out to be people with a heart. Our nurses and doctors are taking care of the forgotten people of the heartless, profit-oriented world. Our professionals are making waves in their own fields. All that's missing is for each and everyone of us here to do our own thing and claim our rightful place in the history of the world.

I don't know about you but I still love this country. I AM STILL HERE, HELLO?

31 March 2004

Greetings! I was only recently introduced to your website and I find it very amusing. Amusing not because I find the contents funny but because this is a nasty wake-up call! Kudos to you for having the guts to point out everything nasty baout the Filipino way of life. I believe that this should have been a long time coming and that for true growth and for true sustainable development to begin, we should first realize and open our eyes ot the painful truth that is the Philippines. More power and I hope that with this site our awakening will blossom.

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