28 March 2004

it is obvious and unfortunate that Nasty shows the weakness side of being filipino. After tasting the western world and changing his citizenship he is quick to lose his identity. deep inside whether you like it or not your still a filipino. And let me say a quote that our National Hero said Jose Eizal "US is a great country but its only for the whites"

I agree and reality check just because your paper says your an american. In your blood flows thousands of our ancestors who died to pay the price of freedom and they are proud of being a filipino.

20 March 2004


I have just discovered your website and am still making my way through all the articles contained therein. I felt compelled to write this short note if only to let you know that your insightful prose and unashamed self (in the broad sense) criticism has somewhat sedated me. A recent rage session sent me desperately searching the web for some evidence that I am not alone in my frustrations. I searched with the key words �Philippines stupididty� and found you. My beloved Filipina wife is still perplexed at my verbal thunderstorm that caused me to shut myself away in my office and I have spent the last 2 days reassuring her that it was not aimed at her personally.

I am an Australian and have lived here for the most part of 12 years.

So far, many of your articles on the site seem to be anecdotes from my own personal experience. Your site has so far done more to clear my mind than the brilliant writings of British novelist �James Hamilton Patterson� and the unclouded individualism of columnist �Conrado de Quiros�

I would hope to meet you one day but for now please acknowledge this mail and I hope I can write to you again once I have fully digested all the details of your excellent website.

-A Fellow Traveller in this surreal mess caalled The Phillipines-

PS: Just 3 days ago I found myself commenting on how McDonalds patrons NEVER dump the waste from the trays in the bins on their way out. (your take on this is very instructive) That was just before I tried, once again, against the usual odds, to stride arrogantly across a zebra pedestrian crossing at the shopping mall assuming that it was actually painted on the street for my benefit. One day I will surely be flattened by a Pajero if I don�t swallow my pride.

I want to know one thing: Are you really a Filipino?

28 February 2004

You forgot the part where the wantist (let's just call them productive) produce most of the goods and services that give you contentist (let's just call you lazy fucks) what meager semblance of a standard of living you have (food, pharmaceuticals, technology, disease prevention and cure, aid and assistance, I could go on but I don't want to spoil your fun). Carry on and enjoy you patheticness I sure am

19 February 2004

I agree with the analysis here. May I add that we really miss every chance or opportunity for change when EDSA I happened. EDSA II though I would say I am in favor of the results (Erap out) I was very disappointed how they did it and how the people behave and reacted. There is a real need or a call for every Filipino to be responsible and show every aspect of profesionnalism in doing their jobs.

15 January 2004

To all the SHEEP that like this website,

Yeah, you ... the one that found many of the articles here very enlightening. As if you have never heard of Filipinos criticizing other Filipinos. Now we have this website to surf onto and read about the latest faux pas and mishaps from the Philippines and Filipinos in general.

What is so enlightening about someone who is stating the obvious? Yes, FPJ is about to be President (heaven help the Filipinos).

My point is -- this is a website that collects all of the Filipinos' cultural failures and digests them into a simple easy to read (and laugh about) form which is easily accessible to those who are ashamed of being Filipino (typically well to do Filipinos or those abroad who have access to the internet).

Yeah ... that means YOU ... who do not have the nerve to admit it but reading the articles in this website allows you the cathartic release for your privately held shame of being a PINOY.

The main cause of all the problems in Filipino culture are those Filipinos who like to point out the faults ... and wish that Filipinos are more westernized. JUST LIKE THOSE READERS WHO LOVE THIS WEBSITE.


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