27 December 2003

first, i like to congratulate you on your great website. very informative. second, the illegal dumpsite in marikina city exist. i live at loyola grand villas marikina, right across the illegal dumpsite. lastly, happy holidays and more power on your website.

ps: jeepneys are not the problem, drivers are the problem.

28 December 2003

i agree w/quite alot of your views on what ills the country, but also take into consideration that man ddoes not live on bread alone. yes it is possible that a person who maybe lacking in material wealth and even basic needs such a s food can be happy. remember it takes very little to put some smile on a peson who has very little. ironically someone who may have everything in the world is never contented. God truly has his way of compensating for what is lacking in one's life. also remember that to strive to be rich is hardly in his agenda. are you aware of the suicide rate here in the u.s. compared to that in the philippines?

03 December 2003

Your article entitled "OUR TRUE LEADERS" is way, way off from the truth. In trying to ridicule, degrade and put to shame Padilla, Jaworski, Velarde and Estrada, and at the same time insinuate that the Filipinos has sunk so low as to emulate the qualities of these personalities, you twisted fiction and presented it as facts. Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Robin Padilla and Joseph Estrada, both actors, have been known to portray the role of the downtrodden common man in their movies. Almost always the characters they played in are victims of the injustices in our society. If memory serves right, they never play a highly educated, rich and classy characters in their movies. On the contrary these characters are the role that usually go to the �contrabidas� in a Padilla or Estrada film.

I don�t know what you mean by �beating the system�, but Mr. Padilla suffered the consequences of his action and he even went public to accept his responsibilities. Yes, he has the �Bad Boy� image, but that�s what showbiz is all about: image. I don�t see the relevance of �leadership� there.

As for Mr. Estrada, well, although he was not a lawyer, he was not a dictator either, that�s for sure. He might be a "mere" actor but he brought to the presidency his humble political experience as a town mayor, senator and vice-president. Not used to sharing power with the masa, the elites strongly abhorred Estrada. However, while they hated him viciously, they cannot deny the fact that they are no different from Estrada in so far as morality is concerned. Estrada did not invent the concept of godfather. The attribution is grossly misleading and very unfair. The writer of the article is either a simpleton or just plain ignorant.

Estrada did not have a chance to become a true leader of this country because the �losers� (the tradpols, the elites, the Makati business gangs and the Catholic church-ever so clean!) have decided since day one that they will not allow Estrada, who is an outsider, to become one.

Padilla and Estrada, like the roles they portray in their movies, has once again fell victims to an injustice because of irresponsible analysis of a writer whose vision of events is blurred by his prejudice and ignorance.

Akin with Estrada�s and Padilla�s kind of profession, which is entertainment, Jaworski also created an image that captured the imagination of basketball-craze Filipinos. His leadership within the limits of his profession typifies that of a gladiator who�s every trip in the coliseum is sure to produce blood and gore. And having spearheaded a �weak� or underdog team in a game that requires physical domination, Jaworski set an example that did not endear him to some Filipinos who are not ready to accept his physical, ala-NBA, and obviously a rough kind of game. Jaworski did not invent the banging of bodies that we now see in regular basketball games, but he was one of the pioneers in the country that started it.

His popularity eventually helped him bag a senate seat after retiring from the sport. However, those who voted for him knows that he�s not going to do in the senate what he has been doing in the basketball court. This is clear. The writer of the article, I�m sure will agree, that Jaworski is not in the senate right now to satisfy, according to him/her, the �audience looking for blood, or on-court drama�, simply because he has stop playing the image after becoming a senator. Simply put, Jaworski the image (basketball legend) is vastly different from Jaworski the senator. But the writer of the article cannot distinguish the difference between the two. Maybe because of his natural abomination to movie and sports personalities entering into politics.

The writer forgot the fact that these movie and sports personalities will not be in politics were it not for the propensity of the traditional politicians to screw Juan dela Cruz! The writer also ignored the truth that our voting public is willingly changing the standards of choosing the people they want to elect in public office simply because nothing has been happening in terms of promises and accomplishments by the tradpols. The people has changed their priorities in picking their leaders because they realized that they were being fucked up by the dignified, well-educated, qualified, program-oriented, nationalistic and respectable traditional politicians.

Where are we now after putting in Malacanang and in the Senate and in the House of Representatives the Quezons, the Laurels, the Magsaysays, the Garcias, The Macapagals, the Marcoses, the Salongas, the Tanadas, the Pelaez�, the Dioknos, the Aquinos, the Quirinos, the Tolentinos? Where? All dignified, all qualified! But where are we now?

Insinuating that Filipinos don�t know how to choose a leader is just a crap!

Velarde�s inability to keep his hands off politics? Well, you can always tell that to Cardinal Sin (I wonder why did you not include the good Cardinal, who is the �true leader�). Velarde has a record of giving generous campaign contributions to politicians? Again, the writer is turning a blind eye to reality: business establishments regularly does that; the tightfisted Catholic Church gives blessings instead and take the money afterwards; while the Chinese-Filipino community distributes the dough every election season.

The writer should not waste his/her time looking for a leader because the problem lies not with the leader, but with people like him/her. People who are hypocrites and out of touch with reality. People who think that they know better.

05 December 2003

No, Teddy Boy, you�re dead wrong in saying �we love to kick out America.� You should have stick to what you have said in your article entitled �Who is the True Nationalist�; it�s about the follies of Cause-Oriented Groups

� I don�t know who built the commercial establishments inside the Subic Bay Freeport after the Americans left, but I�m sure it�s not the U.S. Well, Baguio City�s cold climate is inherent in the place. Did the Americans made it cold? Tell me more, Teddy!

� Who says that the jeepney is the symbol of Philippine culture and ingenuity? Whatever happens to the carabao and to the bahay kubo?

� Yes, we queue up at the US embassy. What wrong with following the requirements? Mexicans are lucky, they just cross the border.

I don�t know how you measure world-class arrogance, but again your allegations are way off.

� You showed us the arrogance in you when you said that the Chinese immigrants were �third class� citizens. Yes they move on, so are those Chinese in Malaysia, Singapore and other Asian countries. Are Chinese better than us as a people? I don�t think so. Maybe their system is. Ours maybe a young culture and civilization compared to China but I think we are at par with the Chinese as a people. Come on, be fair to the Pinoys, you�re one of them!

� Filipinos don�t have difficulty in communication. Proof of this is the number of Filipinos working abroad. Well, if business prefers those �graduates with superb English� they can always do so because we have lots of reserve.

� Listened to Claire Danes? Why?

� We discriminate against our own? Well, I don�t think you�re precise in saying this. Everybody screw everybody, Teddy, you know that.

� Yes we are fixated with the past because those were the glory days. The present doesn�t provide any future, so why blame Juan dela Cruz?

No, no, no, Teddy, we use not only simple, but also complicated solutions to our problems. Remember, we have lots of experts in the country (lawyers, economist, political scientists, engineers), we even export them!

� Security agency is big business in the country. If you think it�s �unproductive and mind-numbing work�, try working as one. Putting people to work unproductive?

� Yes, respect for rule of law and decency is what�s lacking among Filipinos. Discipline is already imbued in them.

� EDSA I is destined to happened and just right, but EDSA II is a caesarian operation that yielded a bastard administration. No, Teddy, enough of EDSA if you want the preceding paragraph to happen.

We have learned a lot from our past, Teddy, the problem is the propensity of our leaders to screw us every time. Yes, we often laughed not because it�s often funny, but because we understand, we�re helpless and we�re patient. Is there humor in suppressing the Filipinos? Failing them? Disappointing them? Screwing them? Basically, shyness is still dominant in our culture; we don�t want unnecessary confrontation. That is what laughter is all about for Filipinos: a shield. A shield for further embarrassment and humiliation.

� Well, going to church nowadays is like going to a meeting de avance of a political party. Maybe Cardinal Sin should explain this phenomenon.

We have to admit that the values we had before have been messed up and twisted beyond recognition by our political and religious leaders.

� The movies/arts are only one of the results of decades of distortion of Filipino values, by the political, military, social and religious groups.

� The impression that Filipinos are not united is only true in Metro Manila, because it is there where various groups with conflicting interests converge. Unfortunately, one of these groups includes the group that has the capability to create chaos and disunity among us, thus putting the whole country in the bad light: the Elite.

I agree, not only stupidity but hypocrisy as well abound our society.

� Just look at Cory Aquino, the ever so clean former president. She always swaggers in public as if everything she touches will turn to virgin white. But look what her daughter is doing.

� Church people, a running or kneeling one, dominate political assemblies, maybe for something better to do than to pray.

� We have a Constitution that we readily put aside at an instance when we want to mount a mob assembly and then put to good use to justify and make legal our act that violates the same constitution. Of course, with the connivance and brilliant imagination of the Supreme Court justices.

05 December 2003

I did not read all of this site, but I must say:

It takes much courage to put all the Dirty Laundry of ones' own community on the net for all to see.

In America we Call it Grass-Roots, it means that "All things Start Small, and are Grown from that small patch of Grass"....sort of.

When society praises the wealthy and affluent without any regard to their poor and impoverished...well, communities begin to show their imperfections. Which most-times present an abundant of examples that not all is perfect in eden.

The Poor are dis-enfranchised, and the Rich look the other way....

Who are the Rich ? Politicians, Big Company Owners, Foriegn Entities......Camelot is coming to an end (at least some of us middle-class Americans are hoping!)

God will not help any of us per-se, we must help ourselves and help each other in as many ways as is possible.

"Do Good Works, and Ssmile about them!"

-signed an American Citizen

16 November 2003

i agree that jeepneys are one of the major roots of our economic and environmental problems. the heavy traffic that they cause not only hinders private and commercial motorists but also adds to the inefficiency of the already inefficient (mostly...) filipino workers/citizens (filipino time remember?)also, the black fog that these so-called "kings of the road" poses a major threat to our health (it has begun a long time ago)i.e i live in a condo situated at downtown manila,in the 26th high above manila saves us from dusts,but not from the diesel-like fumes encompassing manila. whenever we have to clean our airconditioners,which we always do,there's always this thick,black,sticky film stuck to it,caused by diesel! - so now,we all know that jeepney's are hazardous both to our health and economy,how do we then stop the king of the road?

16 November 2003

i have heard countless times of how filipinos fare better when it comes to english proficiency. Every filipino can attest to this, especially when there's, what, 12 years of schooling worth of enlish literature, grammar and composition, and reading reports to back it up. nonetheless, i think there are still a lot of room for improvement when it comes to speaking it. Based on experience, i still find it hard to communicate in english here abroad just because i was not taught to speak it, only to understand, read and write things based on this medium. I believe that we would gain advantage if we go to the extent of really using it as an everyday way of communicating with each other.

14 November 2003

i just want to say that what he said about the philippines are all true. one cannot deny it especially if one lives there. nasty no longer wants to be a filipino and that's his priviledge and i hope he will make his new country proud that he is now an american citizen. but with all of his comments of the country being so, what has he done so far to try and turn around the conditions in the philippines to say that he gives up and bahala na kayo? anyway i'm glad he's no longer a filipino. i'm really really glad. many knows the conditions here and they try their best to help the country and fellow man. it takes a real special someone to be proud to be a filipino. after all, just about every poor filipino wants to become some other citizen and if only all of them can achieve this dream then the rest of us will be able to help our country and make it really great, a country we can all be proud of. thanks.

28 October 2003

I've read your web page... The funny thing is (with all the negativity) you're right. I'm american, born in Baatan, Morong. I'm 24 and now realizing trueths in life. We don't need america, people do not NEED the things that the US has to offer. The problem is how do you teach millions of people they can be happy and live freely (living a simple life) with the world telling them what they want? I'd love to see the Philippines islolate themselves from the world (like China) and live a "primitive" but honest life... Thank you for telling things that need to be told.

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