13 October 2003

Yeah.. you may have had your point. But your point is far relevant to any Filipino.

Your prolix text may be oh so proficient, but your silly thoughts and incongrous attacks imply that they were formulated by someone whose cognitive faculties are unable to recognize reality.

Your points about the Philippines' bad sides may have been supported by some facts, yet it still reflects how much of a bigot and racist you truly are.

I appreciate your notions in criticizing the awry sides of my beloved country, but you aren't constructive in that sense. A good critic is someone who is constructive in his criticisms, not one who is DESTRUCTIVE like you.

You're nothing. And this site really sucks.

11 October 2003

I would not mind reading more of this kind of letter. I wouldn't be bothered. It makes us think and see how others see us. We don't necessarily have to accept what they think. The reason why I ain't bothered is because I know I am helping people around me and I am happy doing it. The country has one less unhappy person in its population. I don't have to work on changing the country but I can start giving myself a good life without doing injustice to others.

11 October 2003

Society is a forced creation of systems originating from your mind. Imperfections stems from your inherent weakness to make things utopian. You never thought that the whole nature of existence is based on belief and its responsible enforcement of the ways of life that is good to everyone thereby any soul who lives on earht witout a fear of himself will create only a society that stinks for itself.

Your site is the most hell raising website that i have ever seen much less evil in its words and intentions. You better burn on hell bec. you create a hell lot of a mess...

11 October 2003


Peace be upon you.

Your rhetorical statements and legitimate facts will never be remembered in history as a good food to swallow. It's been years now and as days pass by...your words are still the same...only a change of style will make it appealing to a seeker of information to quench his thirst.

I do believe thou that "change" can be achieve if you and I and them will have a round table discussion and agree on one formula to achieve our goal. Your mind is an open canal and same as mine and them....why not try to instill "fear" onyl then can you achieve change in yourself, family, friends, community and the Filipino society....a fear to God...bec. you will die one day and the only thing that you can carry with you is your good deeds and bad deeds. He will judge you one day as you judge them. From there you will meet your fate....and I hope you get what I mean....Longfellow have a beautiful spirit so make it work...

09 October 2003

Hi there!

I just got this article forwarded by a friend. I swear, I could have also written something in the same line. The only difference with me and Nasty is that I couldn't deny that however horrendous the situation was and is in the Philippines, I can never abnegate that i'm a filipina now a french national holding a french passport.

I don't blame Nasty for his attitude. Filipinos love to berate themselves. All this is about how filipinos value themselves and lack of proper education.

29 September 2003

hi im a sophomore college stud from lyceum. ur not gona blieve this but having found this site has been so far the biggest 'educational' blessing 4 me. u know ive long been looking for something that tells about the 'craziness' of filipinos,& what keeps the different social urban problems around us unresolved. by the way, im presently taking up foreign service(stil quite confused why!), but surely planning to take masters in economics soon after grad. i really lik this site, i suddenly remembered pala u have d same title w/ ces drilon's talkshow. shes also a fierce critic of the present pinoy society that she thinks is composed of people w/ lost common sense!!!!! im rly lookin forward to meet this site's author whoever you are!!!!Yo yo yo!!! keep it up & god bless!!

18 September 2003

I just love your site. You basically took all of the thoughts from my head and words from my mouth! I have a few words for some overly proud idiot Filipinos out there who get angry at reading such powerful truths that kick ass and hurt like hell. Grow up and be a REAL MAN or REAL WOMAN, if you complain, get angry, or are offended by such facts, then you yourselves ae failures for not helping to pitch in on improving your own bayan.

You look so proud of being imitators of American style, speaking English, flaunting wealth that for the past few decades you looked down on your Asian neighbors as non-English speaking, communistic, buddhistic, muslim non-Americans that you proudly patted yourselves on the back for being the "good boy" of the taong puti. But look at your Asian neighbors now compared to your dismal state. Hiya! Whats the use of flaunting your "Ingles, Ingles lang" and daughter who has a hayop puti as her boyfriend/husband when that doesn't even do anything to help the country imrove?

Swallow the hard pill and for you who told the webmaster in Sept. 2003 to "Get Real," maybe you should stop thinking with your emotions and start thinking with your brain if you have one. I challenge anyone to a debate on-line on the Philippines social, political and economic problems based on the fidings of this site in the discussion forums. You Filipinos both at home and abroad are nothing but lame brain laborers that only think for yourselves and for today, not for the future and betterment of your fellow kababayans. Maybe that too much pride had clouded your ability to think? Lets find out. Shoot at me.

14 September 2003

Well I know this reality already. Just coming across a website that explicitly states this adds to the depression. But, thanks guys for those who don't know this may they be enlightened. Personally, I dislike the Makati et. al, hangouts. But frankly can we do? The pragmatic escape would be to leave the country and I am headed in that direction. Do I sacrifice my youthful idealism and energy for a handful of bungling politicians? No way. A lot of brilliant kids did that in Marcos era and a lot of them ended up dead or left to see the fruits of their labors which is if you are downright honest about it. Nothing.

14 September 2003

Dear GET REAL People:

Thank you. I do appreciate your work in this web site. How I wish I can flood the entire wired Filipinos with your link. Much better than getting those emails saying "Proud to be Filipino" because we have 2 Miss Universe title holders, etc. So pathetic, ain't we?

Indeed, we need to get real. It may be that it is easy for me to say because I now live overseas. However, my eyes were opened when I left the Philippines. I guess when one is in deep shit, you'll hardly notice the smell.

Tell me how I can contribute to your work (other than giving you cash)? I'd like to be part of your cause. I want to be able to say in my death bed that I did something to help my beloved country whose future is as clear the as water of Ilog Pasig.

Again, maraming salamat po. I refuse to say "bahala na".

12 September 2003

Ito ang ugat ng problema nang ating bayan. Maraming bukabularyo ay nakakalito kung hindi tama. Pero ano ang tama? Manood ka ng TFC, at pakinggan mo ang pagsasalita ng mga matataas na tao, at mga may katungkulan sa gobyerno, mga tao sa telebisyon, kung mag salita ay halohalo ang Tagalog at English. Ito ang dahilan kaya wala tayong tunay na pagmamahal sa ating Idiolohia dahil niluluko natin ang ating mga sarili. Wala tayong dignidad sa mata ng ibang lahi kung wala tayong pagmamahal sa sariling wika. At ang wika ng Phi- fi-- pi- lipino sa Pilipinas ay tagalog.

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