02 February 2003

First of all,I am proud to be born as a Malay women.

I live in USA for almost thirteen years. I came to USA when I just turn 21years old and didn't finish my college. Got married and ended thru divorce. During my separation , I have no job, not even know how to drive and no family around. With no support I stood up strong and helped myself to go thru life alone.

I am very proud of myself because all those years I been working hard to improve myself to different level. Now , I have brand new house, beautiful sports cars, travel around the world for vacation, eat at very fine restaurants, have a beautiful family and have a career.

The reason I enclosed the introduction about myself because just to let you know , your articles about Malay Culture is true. As much that I am proud to be Malay however I am not include my self as a "typical malay women". I met lots of Malay student here that have higher Degree, some of them working in Mc Donald, Gas Station or just nothing and then I associate with lots of Chinese Malysian, they are damn Hard working and know their Vison for the future. They are brave �. I really admired them. You are right about the really culture of Malay. No definate answer for that. Malay believe with some silly culture and end up not going anywhere. Example, lots of gals marry before they turn 20, become house wife and their life stop after they have a baby. - In Malay culture said" when you have a baby , you have good luck. " what happen then hen they have baby after baby , their life still miserable poor. I am brave enough to say that because it happen in my own family in Malaysia. I love them very dearly, but it is their choice of life .

I never forget where I came from but I never afraid to change and I still practicing some of the quality and value of Malay Culture . Friendly, polite and respect . That value make me become known around my Organization.

I am a Malay women with vision to change my life from a poor rubber tapper's daughter to a succcessfull Business Women for next few years.

I love your articles. Thank You for mention the true of "malay Culture". we need to change.

29 January 2003

Nasty's observations about the Philippines shoud be taken with some sense of humor! he's a good observer and frank about his observation. I can sense that he really loved the Philippines, he just want to see it more progressive in terms of its human growth and development. It will really help if we can have program where every Pilipino will have chance to go overseas. It will give everyone to see the forest---the Philippines.

Thanks Nasty for good humor.

14 January 2003

Hi! This is regarding "Why are we poor?"

I am a modern (educated, hardworking, open-minded, practical) pinay and i agree with you perfectly! Living here with down to earth thrifty Dutch people had made me realize how mayabang pinoys are. Kahit walang pera, they buy expensive signature clothes, etc. Do you think that this is because we are not secured financially? Actually, even the rich (millionaires in Euros)Dutch people here dont even buy Louis Vitton bags and they just ride a bicycle to work, but if u look at their bank savings, naku napakalaki!

I agree that it is also from the culture that we got from Spanish Spain it is proper NOT to finish drink or food on a plate or else people might think that they are greedy! What a nonsense!!! Stupid! Plus, Catholicism was taught to us as very pure religion! Excuse me! Catholic taught people before that the earth was flat and that what Jesus told them, so Giordano, the Mathematician was killed because he revealed that the earth was round. Moreover, the popes before orders conquering other lands and killing them if they dont become Catholics, the popes even have prayers for these wars! Wow! shocked?? Theres a lot more!

All i can say that birth control methods are more important than eduacation to save us from poverty. I have been to Egypt, and the government actually gives free education even as a professional engineer or doctor. But these professionals still drives taxis and cuts hair as their second job because they are also overpopulated.

And one more thing u didnt mention, ex President Marcos.... because of him lumaki ang utang natin sa mundo and because of him, politicians became more corrupt and learned Marcos' art of corruption! Very sad! Very very sad!

I am still embarassed to tell people here in Holland that I am a Filipino!!!

13 January 2003

I agree with most of the observations. The Philippines has many problems. But don't despair because all countries have problems. Its just a matter of having different problems. I think part of the Philippine problem is its attitude. We always compare ourselves with the others and at the same time we feel that its hopeless. Its not hopeless but it will require a lot of work and determination. Problems don't get solved quickly. We have to change out attitudes first before change can be effected. And to change attitude requires education. This website is great first step. We must be relentless in trying to solve thses problems and we should never give up. We should also be group minded and not individual or family minded as you mentioned.

10 January 2003

My mother always told me that "if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything." And I wish more people would do that, especially you, mister!

Filipinos are negative enough as it is, we don't need more people spreading the misery.

Yes, we mimick Americans to the point of being pathetic but that's because we admire them and knowing English helps your financial status around here. Domestic helpers in Hong Kong, the States and Europe who can speak English are accepted much more easily than those who don't. And to a Filipina mother with four kids that's the difference between fifty cents a day to howevermuch they get paid overseas. I hope that now you understand better.

Although I defend this behavior, I don't approve of it. I approve of loving other cultures, but never more than my own. I am a proud Filipina, and wherever I go I try to show people that Filipinos are good people by trying to be a good person myself.

A proud Filipina eh? So why the Japanese alias Sumire? ^_~V That's because Japan and it's culture is my pet hobby right now and I'm very fond of it but confident enough that I'm a Filipino to show that I like other cultures. (=^.^=)V

Para po sa mga nagtataka kung bakit ako nag-Ingles kung Pilipinong-Pilipino ako, yun ay dahil Internet po ito at mas-marami ang nakakaintindi ng Ingles. Ginawa ko lang po yun para lahat ng gusto kong sabihin ay maintindihan ng lahat.

Sana po i-post ninyo ang mga pahayag ko, dahil ito ay mga tapat na opinyon, at hindi ko gustong manakit ng ibang tao, kundi para mas-maunawaan ng iba ang kalagayan ng mga Pinoy.

08 January 2003

As a people, we have become not only passive but downright complacent and lazy. The newest articles prove my point. Our neighbors are now travelling in the speed of light while our transportation situation is still sluggish.

My jaw hit the floor when the leaders of the land celebrated our 4% economic growth last year. I could almost hear them say, Mabuti na yan kesa sa wala. This mentality is so common even in the manufacturing sector. Terms like 'Tama na yan, pwede na yan' thus relegating some Philippine products into Kangkungan class.

I also saw how our fellow Pinoys bash those who tried to make them see the error our ways--like what happened at Pinoyexchange. They'd rather talk about Kris Aquino's latest immoral dilemma than talk about solutions to what ails the country.

Tangna, I sometimes try hard to be proud of the Philippines. I hope I could keep this up.

06 January 2003

I agree with you that indeed we take a good look at ourselves. I was pointed to the site by a Filipino-American cousin of mine in California who asked me about how I felt about your articles in your site.

All of us � and I mean that in the most literal interpretation of the phrase should work to reform government so that we could put up systems and infrastructure which would make life easier for everyone (a more efficient postal system, effective government and governance, etc.).

I understand and accept that we have a corrupt society; that as a people we have lost our outrage over what's happening in our country; and that unless positive action is being taken to address the underlying reasons for our conditions � economic, social, political, etc. � we will sink further in the abyss. I agree that living in Manila � and in the Philippines � is continuously becoming more difficult over the years.

(Don't get me wrong: although I am staying at the US temporarily, not only do I call UP Village in Quezon City my home [I love my alma mater, which is no other than the University of the Philippines], it is where I plan to live and work and ultimately, die. I'm only here because my wife is studying here.)

Our country is ugly; that is the real truth but that doesn't make me want to hate it; neither does that make me want to be an American, in fact, that makes me want to work for reform more in our government so that it really doesn't go to the dogs (as if it's not already). There are two things, however, that I need to clarify.

1) As much as I want economic growth in and for the Philippines, I want it defined our way, not the Western way. Of course, to some degree, we are all Americanized, let alone Westernized. But someone somewhere should formulate a growth strategy that is based on stimulating growth and demand INSIDE the country and not being export-dependent and not succumbing to the Western-style growth paradigms of the World Bank and the IMF. I don't want the country to be like Singapore � I should know, I worked there � it was a hellish experience. We may not have a culture of efficiency � inside and outside our corporations � but at least, our corporations treat people kindly. Singapore, now that's one country whose practices are not so humane. I recently bought an issue of Time magazine here in the US and there were two full-page colored ads of Singapore (paid no less than Singapore Inc.) which portrayed the city as a happening place. Sure. ;) Singapore is probably just as big as Alabang or Quezon City. There are malls everywhere; I wouldn't want that to happen in Manila.

2) That ex-Pinoy's letter you featured in your site is the best example, in fact, of the epitome of a colonized person. People of his kind still get my goat, no matter how supposedly "kind" they are.

3) That discrimination thing that Anastacio fellow brought up. Yes, we discriminate at home � I believe that. We not only consider whites superior, we give them preferential treatment. But that is the lesser evil. Compare that with discrimination in America in which, even in the latter part of the twentieth century, people were still being discriminated, let alone killed and lynched for the color of their skin. Now that's something Anastacio doesn't realize. Being an American, Anastacio should read more of American history. Does he know for instance, who Jim Crow or what Jim Crow laws are?

Thanks indulging me by reading this. Hope I get your reply.

27 December 2002

This is so true, instead of helping each other we tend to keep each other down. When it comes to choosing between a white or a filipino. We always go sad. Matter of fact I ended up getting married to a Thai girl instead of a filipina because all the filipina's, well the ones I've met went after white folks only. I've got tired of spending 7 years looking for a filipina that I decided to look somewhere else. Now comparing the Thai culture with the filipino culture I see a big difference. They actually help each other out, I've seen this with my own eyes! If they know you are Thai they will give you a better discount than they do white folks or any other culture. Why can't we do that? Instead we are happy to rip each other off for some old reason. We need to come together as a race a back each other up instead of fighting each other!

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