26 August 2002

To whoever runs this website. Sir, or Madam, you are practicing the old Filipino art of self-abasement. This is nothing new. During the Commonwealth period and post-independence, too many Filipinos didn't like what they have in their country and almost always chose foreign "goods" over local ones, amongst other things.

You are doing the same. You are comparing Filipino values and belief systems with foreign ones and clearly implicating that foreign ideas and belief systems are superior.

Clearly, many of your readers agree with you as evidenced in the Feedback section. However, you and these readers are simply having a little exercise in the old bane of all Filipinos - COLONIAL MENTALITY.

Why can't we all be proud of being Filipinos for a change? As Filipinos, we are all aware of the commentaries you state in your website. Must you insult us all by broadcasting these foibles on the internet for no apparent reason, it seems, than just to publicize them and without offering any apparent solutions.

A Proud Pinoy from Ontario

14 August 2002

I fear the day when Communists finally take over the Philippines. For once, I agree with the little President when she says that we have to fight this godless insurgency no matter what it takes, to protect our most fundamental rights as human beings.

To elaborate on this further, I would want to suspend reality for a moment, and imagine a People's Communist Republic of the Philippines.

Imagine a Philippines where all forms of media, TV, print and Internet, are controlled by a centralized, autocratic and omnipresent government.

Imagine a Philippines where the mere talk of resistance is met with armed guards and an unknown future in remote gulags and labor camps, where torture is rampant and escape is impossible.

Imagine a Philippines where children are torn from their families at an early age to work as laborers in farms or as fodder for a military where innocent minds are brainwashed and pseudo-uptoian ideologies of communist equality and cooperation are programmed.

Imagine a Philippines devoid of any religious or spiritual guidance, with the central government destroying any and all rights to pray and worship any god.

Imagine a Philippines where Christmas, Easter and Eid al'Fitr are considered ordinary work days.

Imagine a Philippines devoid of free enterprise, and where ideas are used solely for the enrichment of the government and not of the "proletariat."

Imagine a Philippines devoid of culture, devoid of foreigners, where armed guards tell people what to say, when to say, where to go and what to work on.

Communism is not a part of the Philippines. It is a blight on the Philippine way of life, a blight on freedom and basic human rights. It must, therefore, perish.

Have a nice day :)

WireHanger.Net (baguio City)

09 August 2002

I am a regular reader of your featured articles and impressed with your open-mindedness and courage to speak out.

I'm on the brink of giving up on the Philippines although I do love our country and its people. There is no place like home. I was deluded into thinking that GMA's presidency is the answer to good governance that we are clamoring for for so long. But after seeing her and her cabinet's blunder after another--I tend to think that her administration sucks. She fell into the same trap with her predecessors. All noise, no substance. The Ramirez case is a clear indication that her and her cabinet don't know what they are doing.

I'm a regular PEX reader, and I am amazed and at the same time sad that our youths'--these who Rizal said are our nation's future--main preoccupation are gimiks, brand names and showbiz. *Sigh*.

We are lacking heroes--people that we can look up too. The only claim to fame that Filipinos attained recently is the Love Bug virus. It is almost sad to see the pride of some of our fellow countrymen when this news broke out.

Then there's showbiz. Star Wars had shown its fifth episode and yet our filmmaking and movie scripts are still in the rut. Gasgas na ang storya ng pelikula natin. Loveteams are still the norm. Young girls ended up disrobing just to attain stardom.

Makakaahon pa ba ang Pilipinas mula sa lusak? I hope so. And I think it should start with all of us Filipinos. Your site is a good start.

02 August 2002

hi! i just read your essay on the concept of nationalism. i think what you said what very true. especially,about language---those proficient in English and those who speak "deep" Tagalog. I look at some of these people as perverted elitists. Just because I struggle to find the exact tagalog words and end up speaking in mixed tagalog and english, doesn't make me any less patriotic. A friend once even commented on my choice of tv shows, like i preferred "friends" to "home along da riles". but i also understand why some people are pushed into believing in communism due to the injustice they see or receive everyday. They truly believe that when everybody is equal it would be better. But we would just be stripped of our basic human rights.

Anyway, I just thought it was a really good article. I love my country.

God bless.

25 June 2002

A letter sent to your website dated April 12 proclaimed "Get Real, Philippines" as a "disgusting" site because it didn't do anything but complain about Philippine culture.

Here are my two cents:

Who are YOU to criticize my culture? You are a person who's a dime a dozen. Even if Get Real Philippines is a website exposing the offsets of local culture, the country needs websites just like it.

Yeah okay, "all you're doing is bitching and you're not any better than the people running the country." But isn't that exactly what Mr./Ms. April 12 is doing? That makes us all even.

And who does he/she think that even if we're at the butt end of globalization, we "still have values"? Who does he/she think that you're spitting on a culture you sprung from? Does he/she really think that we could make it and survive the crush of the world with values alone (let alone the fact that some of these values were defective to begin with)? Hell, JAPAN had values, but these weren't enough. Now they're the world's second largest economy.

You're all talk with no solutions? Perhaps he/she was too pissed, he/she overlooked the "Let's Develop Solutions!" portion of the site.

To whoever the webmaster is, please don't let these people get to you. The world needs people like you to get your message through. And to Mr/Ms. April 12: you are one hell of a dork. Get a life.


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