21 June 2002

about your article on philippine cinema. i wish you would cite examples of films that illustrate your points. it would be hard for a critical-minded reader to take your word for it.

19 June 2002

You know, you are exactly right.

And, if I may just add one more thing,

Nationalism entails a pride in one's own culture and heritage. Not just a common feeling of pride but a pride which would nurture and encourage the said culture to grow and develop not just for the sake of it's own people, but for the appreciation of the world at large. Filipinos lack that pride, for the most part. For some reason, we cannot be proud of ourselves or our achievements. And we have them! But we'd much rather focus on the negative, the scandal, the "juicy story".

It is strange that, taken out of the country, Filipinos shine, showing off talent, creativity, dedication, and graciousness that is appreciated by many people abroad. And yet in our own country, where this should be a pool of such values, we instead resort to backbiting and never ending criticism, with no constructive goal except the need to see the other guy get hurt.

I just came from a trip to the states where I stayed with what I would call a very unique Filipino family. They migrated in the early eighties, with five young children who are now all in their final stages of college. And yet, these children remain unmistakably Filipino. In them I saw the positive values which we seem to gloss over. Politeness, graciousness, respect for their elders and each other, and other values we have, but never really appreciate until we are taken out of our country and into a place where the values are different. And what I saw was the difference, why these wonderful young adults have shone so well was because they were raised as Filipinos. And the reason why they were raised as such was the parents embraced their heritage and took it with them to the states, unlike most people I know who would gladly drop their heritage like a hot potato once in another country.

Personally, I am proud of being a Filipino and yes, it saddens and frustrates me to see all this going to waste. I hope that more people read what you have and take a hint.

12 April 2002

This website is disgusting. My initial reaction was that there were some valid points made, but the more I read, the more I realized that it's nothing but a compilation of condescending remarks and slandering of my culture. You want to know why the Philippines is in such chaos right now? Because people are so eager to abandon their country for the sake of monetary gains abroad. Our professionals are gone, and the people that are left struggle to survive. Who are YOU to criticize my culture? Who are YOU to complain about what's working and not working? God knows you're probably living in another country anyway or you're one of the poeple who aren't even affected by the bad economy, hence you have NOTHING to complain about. All you're doing is bitching and you're not any better than the people running the country. You're all talk with no solutions. And despite all the economic problems we have, at least my people have values. We have family values and our children d! o not answer back to their parents and put their parents on nursing homes. Atleast our parents are at home with the children to teach them respect. You have no right to spit on a culture that you sprung from.

30 March 2002


Just wanted to comment on your website. It is very apalling that you write negative comments about the filipino people. How effective is this? Have you been receiving many feedbacks? Has it improve the Philippine government? Has the filipino community change in many ways and improve their ways of living?

I am a Filipino-American and I agree with you 95% however, I believe your work is in vain because many filipinos do not have access to tools like this internet, like you and I. Instead of writing negative comments, you should improve and write a book about "HOW FILIPINO's CAN IMPROVE THEIR LIVES" or publish it on every paper of the Manila Times. That idea might also be in vain because many filipinos are poor, living in squatters, instead of reading a book or newspaper they would prefer to spend it on food they need for their families.

Although, I am an American citizen, I have this passionate feeling for my fellow country men. I really feel that the ONLY organization that can change a filipino mental thinking is their own government. If only every filipino politician can agree to improve the livelihood of the "poor masses", then maybe you might see some drastic change. A poor filipino always looks up to a leader, it does not matter whether that leader is corrupt or not. A poor filipino is always enslave to his common filipino man due to lack of education and money. The only way that poor filipino is to improve his life, is if his rich filipino boss has moral values and eager to help him. You can do a comparison with this with the Filipino government. I can assure you that you will see positive change only when the filipino government is eager and willing to change every filipino's livelihood.

You have started a website that is true and controversial and I believe this is a website that can break or make a filipino. I believe you need to step up your cause. BE A LEADER AND MAKE THAT CHANGE IN THE GOVERNMENT!!!

Well, I believe I have said more than enough. Just wanted to comment. Have a nice day and GOD BLESS!

Many Success To You

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