13 June 2001

I think, i agree with Nasty with everything that he actually said about the filipinos and the Philippines.

What i really hate about him, is him as a person, how could someone go to a foreign land and embrace that land so much that at the end he would actually think he is really one of them? Well, eat this, you little brown american, you can call yourself an american citizen for all i care, but your citizenship dont mean anything, it doesnt mean that you are superior to any other human being, specially filipino. You know what i think? i think that this country is having difficulty right now because of people like you, who just give up on everything that fast, who never wanted to stand up and make a change for once, who will stop hoping and doing something just because the rest of the people stopped hoping are very fortunate that you have the opportunity to be there in the right place and in the right time, because you never get to experience the feeling of living here all your life, because if you did spend your whole life here, i am very certain that you are gonna end up exactly just like the filipino you stated with all the quality most of which are negative.....

And please........quit talking about your Zen Master, because basically all that he taught you is right, it's just that you were looking at it in a wrong perspective. Plus did he ever even taught you humbleness? and karma? cause if he did you can at least think of the karma that will come your way and you better be ready because its not going to be a good karma. Good for you that you were able to survive there, cause anybody can survive there where everything else is so easy, i bet you wont survive here, huh! And you think you are tough.

A Filipino Citizen

I am very disappointed with a the person you have become Nasty. You are a dis grace to my fellow man, to even think that you were once a filipino, yuk!

13 June 2001

The Truth Hurts....what's written here are true, but we don't listen, we don't care, we filipinos only think what's better for ourselves and yet we have the courage to criticize others.

Sometimes, the only solution to our problem is to take away a bunch of children, teach them our history, language, discipline, etc. and then kills everybody. 'Cause we cannot change anymore, sorry to say it but it's true, just wipe out everybody in the philippines and then save some children so they can start a better life.

09 June 2001

A truly insightful site! I bumped into your site while trying to get info about the TRUE FILIPINO CULTURE. Embarrasing as it seems for an American born Filipino, educated in the late 60's to the early 80's in exclusive Catholic schools in Quezon City and Manila to not really know what my culture is all about. I grew up being taught from American published literature and was punished or fined for speaking Tagalog in school. We were not "materialistic" as others would say about collegialas during our time. We didn't care about imported stuff as others would say we were. But we did care about each other and were pretty much scared to venture out there in the streets. Is this what you call the snubs? or the elite? Or are we the "forgotten ones"---silenced by the "Pinoy culture" that seems to dominate the headlines these days?

Filipinos discriminating against Filipinos ? I didn't feel it until I came to the U.S. in my early 20's, fresh out of college. People I met kept asking me where I am from? ( they mean, what province or region ?)what was my status? ( citizen or immigrant or TNT) what was my occupation ? ( R.N ?). Questions that were new to me but at the same time "very significant" to them. Were they trying to figure out if I can belong to their so-called "pinoy associations ". Well, where do we belong? Those Filipino-Americans who really do not care where you are from or what job you have? There are a lot of silent Filipinos like us in the U.S., intermingling with people irregardless of. We like to talk but not about people in particular but events that shape our lives. We are interested in discussions that enriches and stimulates our minds. I'm sure there is another side of this so-called "Pinoy culture". Let's listen to the SILENT FEW among us for a change.

01 June 2001

I like the way you guys paste these sensible things on your page. Not too many sites got the 'real hard stuffs', but i wish you could feature something from the minds of the young ones - really young ones (elementary and high school and younger). It would be interesting to know how they process things, and at the same time feedback us on the culture we have sanctioned.

Keep it going.

23 May 2001

i think you're on the right track and i encourage you to continue this cruisade aggainst the typical pinoy type that's been causing and pushing our country to self destruction. you may also want to have a look on how some media people,company,etc.tries to manipulate peoples reaction, distorting their understandings on some matters. i hope you get what i mean...furthermore, the way some media tackles it are often one sided, inconclusive but will leave you in a sense of doubt and hopelessness. they also sometimes try to grandstand an insignificant and fruitless subject matter that doesn't need to be on air or anything that would not be fruitful to the people shouldn't come from them. media should represent insperations, objectivity or anything that suppose to teach us to be on the right path for stability. although im not saying 'all' are like that and my insights are 100% correct, i'm just annoyed that newscasting here had been an entertainment program since the freedome of speech was approved. why not pass a bill called "be responsible" -another example of media's "i don't know what to call it?" : -after erap's conviction the media never left him because erap was still giving them high ratings. it may had been the cause of creating mass erap sympathizers, because the media failed to move on and find another poor corrupt bastard to be destroyed. but things had become so ridicolous now on erap's case because the media still fails to move on. but, in your case, for what you have here... i suggest you take over their vast area coverage, then probably this country would start to mature. -well said! pero ingat lang sa sobrang pag relay ng mga negative sides natin sana more on how to encourage people how to fix ourselves since we are now becoming aware that the problem was/is ourselves.

masyado ng nakakahiya kasi sa ibang bansa kabulukan at kaga guhan natin sa sobrang exposure, tapos wala namang ini-isip yung iba kung papano ayusin, di bale wala parin ang mga himutok at reklamo?

keep up the good work!

22 May 2001

We do deserve each other! It is precisely our selfishness that has created this situation. We strive for entry to the "islands of first world lifestyles" rather than thinking what we can contribute to create an entire nation of sustained development.

I think this is a good start. A good hard look at ourselves is critical in identifying steps to get ourselves out of this mess that we created.

20 May 2001


Thanks for the site.I 'll bookmark it. You're obviously very concerned about our plight and hopes this one's a waker upper.

But rather than berating ourselves I myself would probably be less harsh in judging our country. I don't believe we are so totally inferior to the Japs, the Koreans, Singaporeans and others. We've just had more than our share of bad luck. If you look around there are indeed a lot of Filipinos with their hearts and minds in the right place. The People Power stuff is proof of that. Hey that's a very uniquely Filipino tool. Maybe that can be harnessed to somehow make the powers that be stay in line.

And about being able to laugh and joke about our misfortunes.. that's not necessarily a bad thing.


18 May 2001

To the webmaster of this PHYNE website:

Who cares if these other people criticize your website and see it as a piece of trash? They're just miffed that they can't make up a good rebuttal to your arguments!

Your site kicks major @$$, and we sincerely hope more people visit it. We love the part where you talk about the jeepney: everything you said over there is true. We love the part where you talk about Philippine democracy: "fighters for democracy" in this country have no right to reject Western opinion about the so-called People Power II or III, since Westerners themselves created democracy (in our opinion, we don't believe in People Power II being called a "Revolution."). We love the part where you expose the corrupted side of the Philippine Catholic Church, which we here are beginning to suspect is separating from what the Vatican teaches. And we totally agree with you when you say that good taste must be taught, or the godforsakenly awful That's Entertainment market will pervert us all.

We absolutely commend you for hitting where it hurts, and we hope to see more updates to the site. We're now entering a pivot point in Philippine History, and we hope that when the President finally declares Martial Law, we could help you maintain this treasure of a site.

The Subspecies Online Web Crew
Baguio City, Philippines

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