04 May 2001

I love this site. By the way, the criticism that says "Westerners have no right to criticize Philippine democracy" is all crap. For that author's info, Westerners created Democracy in the first place.

04 April 2001

I found your site quite interesting. My husband's parents are Filipino but he was raised in the US. The intense strain caused by this culture clash has left him a virtual "black sheep". He now rejects most of his parents ideals and accepts the standards outlined by the Bible and Christ. However, the pain has deeply affected him and me.

It is confusing for him to be both Filipino and Amercian. The "hybrid monster" that has been created by the merging of these two cultures is much worse than the separate entities. The standards and thoughts of Filipino immigrants are passed along to their children. This becomes mixed with extreme consumerism, liberalism,humanism, and all the other terms used by psychologists to try to explain away America's corruption and lack of morals.

My mother-in-law works 50-60 hours a week at her government job. They own their home, three cars, and have very large savings accounts. However,she feels the need for more and is capable of earning here.

My father-in-law has become a Daddy Warbucks to his nephews and neices still in the Phillipines. Although he has paid for college for his dead brother's children, my father-in-law can only watch as they earn medicore wages and struggle daily to stay afloat.

My husband says they would struggle less if they quit spending their money on Calvin Klein, chrome hubcaps, and manicures. He wishes they would focus more on food and rent as well as the children they are starting to have.

I applaud you for this site and your conviction to change things. I do not know what it is like, but I feel more enlightened about these issues. I pray that things do change for both the Phillipines and the US. As I have witnessed with my husband's family, your problems are still yours. No matter where you go, they will only follow you. It is best to meet them head on and work at a solution.

Thank you for your time.

05 March 2001

I don't understand how you can put down your own culture like that. Not all filipinos are the way you described. It is sad that you would sterotype all of us in that sense.


Dear xxx,
Thanks for your note. I think we can't go on turning a blind eye or sugar-coating our bad traits forever. Obviously, you are under this notion that none of these traits have rubbed off on you. Congratulations if that's the case. But I personally make no pretensions that I myself do not possess any of the Filipino traits that I so obviously detest. Recognising that not just I but most of my own friends and family do possess these traits is a first step towards changing our country.

It takes one to no one and only Filipinos (which I am 100%) are qualified to make the kind of analysis that you've just seen.

Anyway, you're one of the extremely few who've spoken negatively about this site and I appreciate this very much. I myself am very surprised that so few in your camp have spoken out considering that the content of this site is very ugly and should, in fact, induce some violent reactions (which have been very few). The very numerous positive feedback was quite heartwarming but it disturbs me that detractors have been largely silent.

Hope to hear more from you and others like you.


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