20 February 2001

u got a fine website. Your observations are all true but those are just branches of the real problem. What's really wrong with our country is the system and i don't believe that we have already gained our independence.We should not forget that the 12th of june is not a celebration of our independence but the sale of philippines by spain to america for i think about 21 million dollars. World war 2 was all about economic reasons. Those countries fought for their "markets". The philippines willingly obliged to the whims of the american imperialist. So the americans' "teachings of democracy" was a means to inculcate a "virus" into our system that would make us filipinos utterly dependent on them. Every aspect of our society is related to each other. So the americans in order make our country one of their "markets" they should have a substantial influence on our politics thus sending scholars who belong to the upper classes abroad to "teach them about democracy" and made them our national leaders. In terms of culture we always look up to the west and try hard to emulate them. So it was clear from the start the we are but a neo colony of USA.

A rotten system produces rotten people or vice verca. YOur website is an eye opener to people.

05 February 2001

Hi there! I found your website by accident and I totally agree with you. Although I was born in the Philippines and grew up here, my interest in our country has never faded my mind. I think the Philippines would be better off being a colony of the United States rather than an individual country. They pride themselves in being independent but they look like a joke to many people. I am so embarrassed of how the government of Philippines has been running. The rich get richer and the poor end up dying poor. They need to have a president that will help the Philippines become a better country financially and morally. No wonder so many Filipinos would do anything to leave their country because it's awful there and the only ones that like it there are the corrupt rich government officials and their allies.

05 February 2001

Even though I hate to admit it,but what you have written in this web page is true that chilled me thru the bone, Our entire mentality was misplace from concept to present.No hope...No redeeming dreams...nothing, just the relatives who's working on a foreign land.

30 January 2001

Kudos to your website!!! My name is [bleep]. You are the only one so far that shares my point of view of the inherent problems the Philippines has. The problem is so deeply rooted. The happy-go-lucky character of most pinoys just won't get the country forward. Unless a very radical change in attitude happens, the country will still wallow in the quagmire it is in. Why is it an accepted fact that migrant workers have to be separated from their families just to have a TASTE of a comfortable life? Do we blame the US for that? What would the US care? Pinoys like to blame others than themselves for their own faults. I can't forsee an improvement on the country in the near future. I have done acquantance with RSINFORM and most of the articles he posted are speculations on how the US, IMF and G-7 controls the Philippines. What do they care??? What benefit would they have from a borderline bankrupt, smelly (please forgive me but it's true from all the scattered refuse) country. I used to go to school in Cavite and I would see dead tortured bodies along the way. My three year old daughter saw a dead cab driver in his cab one time in 1989. Do we blame a foreign nation for these? I have never seen a traffic ticket in the Philippines. Have you? The list just goes on and on. How many people do you have to bribe get any type of license? How much do you have to pay before you get treatment in an emergency room? I could go on all day. I work with a lot of Pinoys here, they are the cream of the crop in one of the best hospitals in the WORLD. We are proud of who we are but not so proud of some who still has that "ugaling pinoy" as we call it here. Ugaling pinoy. I'm sorry to write such a letter but it just gets to me that the country has so much potential and yet.... Keep up the good job and maybe, maybe with us all working together....maybe. Maybe ang sinasabi ko kasi sawa na ako sa kaka-asa pero kahit anong gawin ko, ng masa, wala paring nang yari.

29 January 2001

I agree with your cooments about the elite in the Philippines. We didn't make this mess overnight. It's the irresponsibilty of those who hold power in these islands that keeps us perennially starved for good governance. In reality, the political and economic elite are no better than Erap. They too have their palatial mansions here and abroad, their kept concubines and spoiled brats pampered by the profits from scams, cheap labor and insider trading. Sometimes, when I feel really depressed, I feel it would do me a world of good to uproot myself to any other First World country and be treated like a second-class citizen by the really powerful, rather than stay here and endure the lies and inhumanity of my high and mighty countrymen.

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