And on to the next six years...

01 July 2004

And so it has come to pass.

The nation has selected a new leader;

The leader sets out to make good on its promises;

And the Opposition gets around the task of implementing a policy of Disruptive Adversarialism against the Administration over the next six years.

Filipinos once again look to the heavens for a means to substantiatate any "hope" that things will be different after six years -- and then bow their heads and go about doing things the same way things have been done over the last 50 years.

In the 01 July 2004 edition of, Felipe Miranda wrote in his article "A glorious intervention":

...the ability of the nation to be properly outraged has been the singularly reliable indicator of its successful transition from political innocence to political maturity.

Where people have gained political maturity, mostly everyone understands that political leaders and governments become good because no other alternative but to be good exists. Their truly sovereign people permit no other choice.

They refuse glorious interventions as a political choice. Most of the time, because they actually do what needs to be done, divine interventions are no longer invoked by these people.
(boldface for emphasis by Get Real!)

Yes we have once again gone through the democratic motions, but do we now get it yet? Do we now understand what it means to look beyond Fiesta Elections and use our democracy (a concept that is broader than mere elections) as a means to routinely hold our leaders accountable?

What pre-occupies the nation in the first One Hundred Days of any new presidency? In this case just like every previous election, it is a focus on who cheated who and how. That very Filipino trait -- being a sore loser rears its ugly head in all its glory after every election. It is aggravated by our collective lack of trust because of a dysfunctional social contract -- e.g. elections that are underpinned by a philosophy of Mutually Assured Fraud as a provision for any losing party to mount a policy of Disruptive Adversarialism against the winning party after every such electoral exercise.

And when we finish pointing fingers at each other, what then? Let's just say Filipinos eventually latch on to a concept of "hope" that is ephemeral at best, by virtue of its utter lack of any substantial underpinning -- a character of "hope" unique to the world of backward societies that are reliant on the divine for a chart of their destinies. And so we look forward to the next six years with "hope" that things will be different -- and pray.

(NB: Click here to find out what has become of this administration)

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