Catholic dogma cannot be questioned

by Jordan Viray
10 July 2001

There can be no question of the inestimable value of the one true Catholic faith in the Philippines! Christ asked the famous question, "What doth it profit man if he gain the world but lose his soul?" If we are to be called a Catholic country, and indeed we might even be the *most* Catholic country in the world as stated by a Bishop of the Society of Saint Pius X, then surely we would not even question the many gifts of grace that must flow from Heaven onto our blessed country.

You imply there is no real correlation with being a better person and a better Christian. Yet, how can there be anything more sublime than a fuller participation in the Supernatural Life? There are many problems, of course, but there can be no discounting Grace, though difficult to see as it may be.

If anything, we are LACKING in catechism and a proper understanding of the Church. How many Filipinos even know who Saint Thomas Aquinas is, or even his Summa Theologica. Pseudo-intellectuals might try to deride it as some sort of gross casuistric library characteristic of the "dogmatic and legalistic Church" Far from it! Aquinas derived much of his philosophy from Aristotle, a philosophy which stressed personal virtue (as in his Nicomachaean Ethics), and the extention of this virtue in society for politics is ethics "written large." And, it is not our "heart" that compels us, it is our intellect. The heart belongs to the realm of passions, a lower world of brutes. Humans are RATIONAL beings, that is what separates us from the lower world of animals. Reason begets logic, and logic begets order. Passion acts to the detriment of reason, therefore passion acts to the detriment of order. What is needed far more than "feelings" is thinking.

Hmm, there is a trend to remove guilt from man, a dangerous trend indeed! Where then, does responsibility and accountablity come from then? We feel guilty because we sin, we do evil, we harm others. If we do not feel guilty, then there can be no solution to the problem of corruption and crime in the country. The Christian heritage in the United States bounded with an even weaker political one still suffices to bring responsibility to most our leaders, a responsibility which is effected largely by accountability to the state, which is an accountability a person who does not feel guilt would not have.

Our "compliance" with the "black and white" world of Catholic dogma cannot be questioned. It is presumptuous and audacious to even question this divine institution. Do you presume to question the backbone of Western Civilization, an institution two thousand years old, an institution of Saints and philosophical thinkers unparalleled even today? You question the value of the black and white world of Catholicism which has in its great body of teachings, an advanced casuistric system of situational ethical analyses developed by the Jesuits before Vatican II. This system can be likened to a computer that has most specific answers to the most specific questions. Such a computer need not think for the answers are already given. Why develop an inferior ethical code?

The separation of Church and State, something of a tragedy, is something to be fought against. Why should an institution like the Catholic Church play handmaid to the faddish whims of relativistic ethical thinking? The slide of the Church "to irrelavancy" is not a sound premise. The Church can only be made irrelavant by people who work to change the status quo with regards to ethics. This slide is caused necessarily by sinister forces, such forces cannot be described here accurately for want of space and time.

The Church has always fought against the liberal forces trying to destroy her. A good reference in this regard would be the chapter entitled, "The Philippine Insurrection" in "Behind the Lodge Door", an account to the Masonic forces waging war in the Philippines.

Written on the Feast of the Martyrdom of Catholics under the Boxer Revolution,

Jordan Viray

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