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Sent: Monday, January 22, 2001 2:56 PM
Subject:RE: People Power II

I believe that the root of the problem is not the lack of real justice and democracy. Rather, I believe that the lack of justice and democracy are only the effects of an even greater problem that a lot of Filipinos are still in denial of.

It's sad to see how blind the Filipinos are to the true intentions of many politicians. What makes me even more sick is that these people are using the country's situation and the poeple's vulnerability to further their own interests. But I also believe that the people are as much at fault because they allow these politicians to manipulate them! I'm never going to be part of any revolution lead by these disgusting, filty, hypocrites regardless of whether I like the president or not.

May God forgive me for boycotting the Catholic Church since October last year because I can't stomach the things that these so-called priest, servants of God have been preaching in their homilies. For me, true justice means "innocent until proven guilty" and I live by that even though I did not like Erap. Let the prosecution prove that he is guilty if he is, or let the defense prove that he is not, if he isn't. Until then we really don't know the truth especially since the person who was accusing him was not so "clean" himself. The biggest blow to me and the biggest reason I am boycotting the Catholic Church is because they are taking away my choice and that is not true democracy. Imagine announcing to the whole country that if you are a Catholic and you don't join "us" in Edsa, then you are committing a sin!!! How immature is that? I have made my choice to not support either Erap or the opposition. And the Church is telling me that if I don't support them I'm committing a sin? Excuse me but we are not living in the Spanish era anymore. We have democracy and Cardinal Sin DOES NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to take away my choice. Who the hell does he think he is?

I started out HATING Erap as much as you all have but in the end, I found that the poeple who are trying to overthrow him are far WORSE and for that reason alone, they are not getting my support. I'm so ashamed of the fact that our people had to resort to force to get what they want. I do not believe that FORCE is DEMOCRACY! It's the sign of immaturity. Like how a child throws tantrums when his/her parents won't let him/her play outside or eat candy or whatever.

I'm not a writer by profession. I don't have the best words to describe how I feel about the situation and what i think it should be. But this article just about describes most of what's going on in my mind.

Every time there is a political crisis brewing in our country, my father would often quip, "Well, America took 250 years to mature as a nation. And it took a criminal, a mafia head at that, to have, for the first time in its history, an honest election. What then can you expect from a country whose 'independent' political practices have only been in effect for 55 years?" I never really had the guts to question my father�s authority over history. Nor did I make a step to verify the information. But each time he says this line, I would silently quip back, "It took them such a long time because its people were like you: passive and very pessimistic."

Something happened last Tuesday night at the Senate Session Hall, and again my father expressed his indignation. But this time, questions kept me awake all night that day. Are we destined to follow the lead of the American people? Do we have to let time be the judge of our fate as a nation? Is the length of time really of the essence in our and that of our leaders� so-called political maturity? Do we have to resign (and not ERAP) to the fact that in our country whose majority are people who cannot discern between what is essentially true and what is veiled truth, can decide our fate as a whole?

What will happen if Aroyo fails to do better? Another revolution to throw her out without even considering if the possible successors will do better? Just throw her out! ano 'to, trial and error? Do you know the latest buzzword in the streets after Aroyo had taken her oath as the new President and after Erap resigned? Well the latest buzzword is "now we'll have to wait for HER impeachment or the next revolution to throw her out." YES, believe it or not. You wanted to know the inside story, well, that's what people are talking about right now. Even my bosses, my officemates who were there in EDSA in support of the opposition. They're the ones who are now saying, "Next to be overthrown---AROYO!" Imagine that! And last year, in October/November, everytime I get an email/text message from people urging me to join them, whenever i ask them, if Erap steps down, who do you think would be the better replacement and believe it or not 100% of them answered, "none."

I do not support the opposition because I am not in agreement with this TRIAL AND ERROR method! If this one isn't working well and none of the possible replacements will do any better, then let's work together and help make this one work instead of pushing it deeper into the dungeons.

And I don't care what the whole world thinks about the revolution. They don't know because they are not living the lives that Filipinos are living IN THIS country. They're just outside looking in and what they know is only what the media wants them to see or what the "politicians" want the media to report. It's one of two things. Either the media is just as blind as a the people are or the media is just as corrupt as the government. What does the rest of the world really know about being Filipino and living in this country? Nothing! They know nothing! Do we have to live by what the rest of the world says or thinks about our country? Our people? Our government? sorry but I refuse to!

We can have ten, a hundred, a million, billion successful revolutions after another. It doesn't change the fact that we are not getting any better because we are not doing it right. How many more revolutions do we have to go through to realize that that's not what the country needs? Haven't we learned anything from our national HEROES (in the plural) during the three centuries that we were under the Spanish rule?

I think what our country needs is political maturity. By that I mean not only by the people in public service/office but also by us, the people. We can't just throw tantrums everytime the president does something we don't quite like. Fact is, all of them (not just the president) are doing something BAD. Just that not all of them gets caught.

Don't judge me by the choices I make. I have the right to choose which side to take as much as you have yours.

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