08 Nov 2004

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New letters. Letters page updated.
(Updated 08 Nov 2004)

New Interesting Link: Hate Philippines. A Manila working girl's take on the Big Mistake that is the Philippines. See also the author's blog site here.
(Added 27 Sep 2004)

New letters. Letters page updated.
(Updated 16 Sep 2004)

Filipino lack of substance is behind the lack of direction of the Filipino nation. The latest global relations snafu -- the premature troop pull out from Iraq in July 2004 -- is another manifestation of the vacuous nature of the shell that is Philippine society.
(Added 03 Aug 2004)

New letters. Letters page updated.
(Updated 01 Jul 2004)

The Fall of another Pinoy Idol. Jasmine Trias -- a talented American who happend to be an ethnic Filipino -- was cheered on. Nice. Until she was voted on beyond her league.
(Added 24 May 2004)

New letters. Letters page updated.
(Updated 24 May 2004)

A nation still in denial! Teddy Benigno in his usual firey form, lambasts the culture that once again brings us in a nother brush with an idiot presidency!
(Added 14 Apr 2004)

New letters. Letters page updated.
(Updated 30 Mar 2004)

New Interesting Link: Korea Life Blog. A tourist's take on his journey of discovery in our islands from a Korean perspective (though the author says he is not Korean (huh?)). Lots of pictures and a rivetting narrative!
(Added 29 Mar 2004)

Fiesta Elections 2004. The year 2004 will come to pass as the year we, as a society, considered an FPJ presidency. The outcome is not the point. That we seriously considered "Da King" is.
(Added 12 Mar 2004)

Marcos loot: still out there. Being happy with US$684 million when there is still billions out there is just another example of the culture of mediocrity that rules the Filipino?s destiny.
(Added 17 Feb 2004)

Lack of Big Fish Accountability. Do we have the wherewithal to get the best out of our leaders? Consider this: "At best, we have evolved into a Society that has settled for ?lapdog justice??where the real crooks are never held accountable for their crimes". Read more on this!
(Added 19 Jan 2004)

New letters. Letters page updated.
(Updated 05 Jan 2004)

New Interesting Link: Tapatt Foundation. The Foundation for Transparency and Public Accountability Today and Tomorrow, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit, non-partisan NGO focused on demanding transparency and accountability in and from government.
(Added 01 Jan 2004)

Benevolent dictator. At no other time has the Philippines needed one more than now as we hurtle down 2004 into another fiesta election. But is there such a thing? This article explores the concept.
(Added 26 Dec 2003)


Gloria Arroyo Fiesta Elections 2004 has come to pass..
We have this time managed to avert disaster by a hair. Theoretically we now hunker down to undertake that elusive and collectively mis-understood concept of nation-building. There is a lot of "hope" that the next six years will be different. Then again someone was said to have said: Insanity is expecting a different outcome while doing things exactly the same way. Click here for our post-Fiesta Elections message!
01 Jul 2004

Pinoys all set to hammer in the final nails!

These faces paint a composite picture of the Philippines' future:
Philippine Elections
According to Conrado de Quiros in an 11 Feb 2004 INQ7.net article:

It's not just that movie stars are replacing "serious people," it's that seriousness in politics in general is going, if it hasn't gone at all. The standards have fallen -- no, disappeared completely. As I said in another column on that subject, changing camps wasn't unknown before martial law, but the defectors at least bothered to produce a principle to justify the perfidy. "My loyalty to my party ends where my loyalty to my country begins," Manuel Quezon said. Fine words, to defend his decision to bolt his party, which refused to vote for a bicameral government, which was his only chance to get out of the shadow of Sergio Osme��� And people did not do it when the ideological lines were sharply drawn: The pro-Americans did not lie on the same bed with the Japanese collaborators.

To tolerate unjustified "perfidy" in our leaders as they continue to make our democracy their personal playground is to hammer in the proverbial final nails into our nation's coffin.
11 Feb 2004

Click to enlarge Fabulous splash page animation added!
Many thanks to up_ean for our new Flash animation on our Splash Page! This is a very welcome retirement of the original splash page image that, in retrospect, was a bit too busy for a splash page image. Many thanks again and we hope to see more "editions" to come!
06 Feb 2004

El Presidente 2004: Fiesta election year!
So here we are, about to enter another Philipine fiesta election year! Get Real! welcomes this year with an article exploring the concept most often talked about whenever the country puts the choice for its top leader in the hands of a largely ignorant electorate. Benevolent dictatorship. Is there such a thing? Leaders like Lee Kuan Yew and Mahathir Mohammed are a one-in-a-billion in the modern world. They are leaders who steered their respective countries to spectacular prosperity and stability using their personal brands of "prescriptive" governance. Their countries today serve as beacons to the Third World.

Our new Splash Page image illustrates how the country continues to gamble with the fortunes of 80 million souls whenever it puts its prized relic of American colonial rule -- democratic presidential elections -- on display.

Year 2004 will certainly be an exciting year (wheter said excitement is good or bad is another matter though...). The year will be a test of how much Pinoys have learned since the days of Erap. We look forward to joining all Filipinos this year in enjoying what promises to be a good show -- in every sense of the phrase.
27 Dec 2003

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