18 December 2002

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New letters. Letters page updated.
(Updated 18 Dec 2002)

Zero Population Growth. Better-educated and more economically-productive citizens. A dream that can still remain in the horizon if we act now! Manuel Gallego III writes.
(Added 01 Dec 2002)

The Blessedness of Wretchedness. Teddy Benigno, in a brief encounter with an esteemed monsignor gains new insight into the contribution of medieval approaches to spirituality to the failure of the nation.
(Added 05 Nov 2002)

New letters. Letters page updated.
(Updated 30 Aug 2002)

Why Culture Matters. From a corporate perspective, right culture supports successful strategy execution. (Links to a California State University on-line course module).
(Added 21 Aug 2002)

Progressively deluded. Gain some insight into the sensibilities of the "progressive" movements by understanding the schizophrenia of their exiled leader.
(Added 08 Aug 2002)

The Philippines is socially bankrupt.. Star columnist Teddy Benigno in his latest eye-opener shows how the Philippines is now not just poor in financial and intellectual capital but poor in social capital as well.
(Added 07 Aug 2002)

The New Malay Dilemma. In a speech recently delivered, Malaysia's Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed describes the urgent need for cultural change lest ethnic Malays become marginalised in their own country.
(Added 06 Aug 2002)

The Myth of Asian Modesty. Inquirer columnist Michael Tan's article may help us Filipinos avoid the mistake of interpreting the behaviour of peoples of other cultures in terms of our own.
(Added 16 July 2002)

New letters. Letters page updated.
(Updated 23 Jun 2002)

The Root of Prosperity. Do we have it?. We flaunt wealth that we know nothing about accumulating sustainably. The key word is sustainably.
(Added 27 May 2002)

The Philippines: An historic accident?. We are nothing more than a nation by colonial edict. Given this, we need some key ingredients to become a true nation.
(Added 03 May 2002)

The Migrant Ethic Theory. A theory on why Philippine society is so diverse in its population's individual capacity for prosperity.
(Added 22 Mar 2002)

Fat Philippine Generals. We get a better understanding of why our military can't even crush a bunch of mountain bandits.
(Added 18 Mar 2002)

The Peter Principle Star columnist Teddy Benigno puts perspective to the most current views of Peter Wallace of the EIU on the Philippines
(Added 18 Mar 2002)

Culture: The real culprit Star columnist Teddy Benigno re-visits the famous essay written by 15 years ago by James Fallows that, at the time, invoked a witch hunt. Today, reactions to Fallows message may be more sober.
(Added 11 Mar 2002)

Who is the true "nationalist"? Filipinos lack concrete national objectives because we don't even have a good idea of what it means to be "nationalistic". Many so-called "cause-oriented groups" exploit our vacuous "nationalist" sentiments to further the objectives of their shady Big Brother.
(Added 04 Feb 2002)

New letters. Letters page updated.
(Updated 04 Feb 2002)

Have we punished them enough? Their relatives are still hobnobbing in the corridors of power and the wishy-washy circumstances by which we deposed them promises to keep the issue of their guilt forever in legal limbo.
(Added 24 Jan 2002)


For the first time! Systemic issues and solutions summarised in ONE article.
Blueprint for Our Future is sweeping in its scope, comprehensive in its perspective, and structured in its analysis. It is an executive summary for those who do not have the time to click around Get Real! but want to find out what really plagues Philippine society.
13 Nov 2002

Get Real! gets serious about Solutions!
The much-awaited Solutions Framework (still in conceptual form) focusing on addressing our cultural dysfunction is now available for comment (and attack) here! This is just a first step in what undoubtedly will be a long process of developing systemic solutions to the systemic dysfunction of Filipino society and culture. Mabuhay!
20 Aug 2002

Get Real! Featured on Clarence Henderson's Pearl of the Orient Seas
A brief foray into the "An Honest Evaluation..." thread of Pinoyexchange.com results in a savage journey into the underbelly of the Filipino psyche for Clarence Henderson, columnist for the Asia Pacific Management Forum. Clarence survives to tell the tale in his two-part article "Cyber-Flamings & Onion Skins: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the Pinoy Dream":
Part 1: Being the Facts
Part 2: Being an Analysis
05 Aug 2002

How much inefficiency can you accept?
Esteemed consultant Clarence Henderson continues to write about his experience and observations on how fellow expats adjust to living and working in the Philippines. His latest article "Halo-Halo Culture and Ningas Cogon: The Intercultural Minefield" highlights cultural challenges that continue to undermine our competitiveness in the global capital attraction game.
For reference, another of Henderson's articles "The Social Volcano" was also featured in Get Real on May 2001
Happy Independence Day!
04 July 2002

Pray we don't blow it this time.
The Government is back into the serious business of rebuilding the economy of the nation and the President is leading the charge (that, after all, is the job of any president). For our part, we should stop all the back-patting and work quietly first. We should focus on ourselves, be more serious about the task at hand, and objectively assess what is good for the nation. Sabihin man ni Matet na masipag ang Pilipino at karapat-dapat na tunguhan ang Pilipinas ng dolyar ng mga dayuhan, then we should back up our leader with actions that will yield measurable and sustainable results.

Success can only be ascertained in 5-10 year timescales, not in quarterly reports of "3.4% GDP growth" that are quickly jumped on by poets who are all too eager to bestow unearned medals on the Filipino.

Let's make sure that our national pride is commensurate with the size of our nation's achievements. And in the meantime, we should be honest about ourselves, recognise our limitations, and act based on an objective assessment of ourselves and our real situation.
03 Feb 2002

Roll out the red carpet for the people who'll show us how!
Time for some adult supervision to root out the lice from our sun-baked scalps. That's as real as it gets. Even the government of Pakistan, against the wishes of a handful of noisy narrow minds made a decisive move to make way for the forces of law and order. So why should an impoverished island nation beg to differ?
30 Jan 2002

click to enlargeHappy New "Get Real" Year - 2002!
The last few years we've seen the country plumb new lows in self-respect and mediocrity. We look to 2002 with a hope that we've finally exhausted all conceivable excuses for the failure of our nation and make good the self-proclaimed national virtues that we keep trumpeting about. Our new splash page and the first new article for the year embodies this fresh outlook.

Happy New Year and Get Real, Philippines!
24 Jan 2002

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The worst, best of times
Yellow Paper II: Splash in shallow waters
The French Revolution - Too Close to Home
Culture really matters
Our Crisis: Summing Up
Culture: The real culprit
The Peter Principle
The trust factor
Filipinos: World's happiest? (New!)

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