21 December 2001

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Who's going to change the system? Observations of how Filipinos behave overseas; how we bow to superior systems.
(Added 21 Dec 2001)

Peter Wallace of the EIU writes: The Philippines will remain Asia�s laggard unless it makes massive, radical change. It cannot tinker at the fringes, the change must be radical.
(Added 17 Dec 2001)

How free are we to be everything we could be? The UNDP Human Development Report shows the progress we make in the field of human development as compared to our East Asian neighbours.
(Added 28 Nov 2001)

New letters. Letters page updated.
(Updated 08 Nov 2001)

Are Filipinos a religious or a spiritual people? For that matter, do we really know what it means to be spiritual?
(Added 27 Sep 2001)

Our crisis in summary: Many of us still articulate the idle boast that the Philippines is so rich, its soil so loamy and alluvial. - By Teddy Benigno
(Added 24 Sep 2001)

Tempering the tyranny of the masses Manuel Gallego III outlines a proposal for a voting system designed to mitigate the "Erap Effect". A draft of a possible "Responsible Democracy Act".
(Added 05 Sep 2001)

New letters. Letters page updated.
(Updated 05 Sep 2001)

Filipino Ingenuity!. Is this a true or imagined virtue? If true, where does it go and who benefits from it?
(Added 15 Aug 2001)

Glories of Philippines Past. An article written by a staunch but naive patriot.
(Added 10 Aug 2001)

Philippine cinema as reflection of national character - crooked rich, primal machissmo, frustrated women.
(Added 03 Aug 2001)

Filipino culture as battleground! Star columnist Teddy Benigno outlines a ten-point diagnosis of our sick nation.
(Added 02 Aug 2001)

New letters. Letters page updated.
(Updated 31 Jul 2001)

A new form of relevance. A Jesuit writes that "perhaps we can look forward to, and work toward, a situation in which the Church provides the moral leadership rather than the political leadership and the shock troops [referring to Edsas I and II]"
(Added 31 Jul 2001)

The tragic separation of Church and State. A Get Real! visitor warns us not to question the authority of the Catholic Church.
(Added 25 Jul 2001)

Erap mirrors the Filipino consciousness. We not only voted for Erap, we are Erap! An article written by Jaime Licauco for the Inquirer.
(Added 25 Jul 2001)

Yellow Paper II. 30 of the best and brightest Filipino economists and social scientists submit to Pres. Macapagal their thoughts on how to solve the country's issues. Star columnist Teddy Benigno writes why he thinks the paper does not cut deep enough.
(Added 18 Jul 2001)


ARI WebsiteObjectivism. An approach we need to take in evaluating ourselves
Nationalist sentimentality is so 20th Century. In an age where capital and people migrate to where ROI is highest, it's time we adopt a more sound philosophy to guide our nation building aspirations. We're currently evaluating the relevance of the philosophy of Objectivism to our national issues. Take a look at our initial assessment here.
13 Dec 2001

City of Marikina WebsiteA Salute to Marikina!
Need desperately to restore your faith in the Filipino? Look no further than Marikina a.k.a. "Little Singapore". It is an achievement of ordinary Filipinos for ordinary Filipinos by a Filipino government unit.
06 Dec 2001

"I have chosen the culture of the Filipino as my battleground"
The "Dean of Philippine Journalism" columnist Teddy Benigno's recent articles (thanks to PExer Junh for continuously updating us on these) have focused increasingly on culture citing it as the root cause of our national dysfunction. In his most recent Star article The worst, best of times he specifically states the above. Let's continue to work at getting the "culture angle" to continue to make its way up the influence food chain!

There are currently five of his articles on Get Real!:
The worst, best of times
Yellow Paper II: Splash in shallow waters
The French Revolution - Too Close to Home
Culture really matters
Our Crisis: Summing Up (New!)
02 Aug 2001

What's new page: Finally!
We finally added this 'What's new on Get Real!' page due to insistent demand. Our site has grown significantly in the last year and because of this, it now gets difficult for periodic visitors to find the most recently-added articles within the site. This page not only addresses that issue but provides a venue for more dynamic and current content. Stay tuned!
25 Jul 2001

Time to focus on solutions
We have often been criticised (justifiably) about the lack of any proposed solution to the issues we relentlessly rant about on Get Real! We hear you and have taken the first step towards developing a solutions-focused section on our site [take me there]. We envision a site growing out of this first page in the same way the original issues-focused Get Real! site had evolved.
25 Jul 2001

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Reaching out beyond PinoyExchange to other Pinoy discussion forums. We're currently maintaining threads on several other Pinoy discussion forums. Call it an "outsourcing" of messageboard functionality! Check these forums out:
06 Aug 2001

We're linked to Gerry Kaimo's pldt.com! Get Real! is honoured to be classified as a Good Read on pldt.com and linked to that page under the title "a CULTURE GONE AWRY". Kaimo's management of the pldt.com site, as far as we are concerned, does justice to the domain name. PLDT, the telco deserves to languish in pldt.com.ph as it is neither a world-class telco nor a serious champion of the interests of the Filipino. For a brief history of the plight of pldt.com, click here.
03 Aug 2001

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