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Who are we to judge Chito Miranda and Neri Naig?

August 4, 2013
by Kate Natividad

Why video yourself having sex? Admit it. Y’all have it in you. Perhaps when a scandal does erupt (as we are seeing now with this latest one involving Chito Miranda and Neri Naig) we react from within the context of regarding the shame of it all and think I’d never make one of those! But then does your mind work the same sensible way while in the throes of ecstacy? Think again. Judging people isn’t always that straightforward an undertaking.

The current girlfriend: Neri Naig

The current girlfriend: Neri Naig

I think a sex video is just another form of a selfie. We take snapshots of ourselves to record a proud or noteworthy moment in our lives — say, when back-dropped by a breathtaking landmark during a European tour or just before digging into a big fat porterhouse steak. An episode of great sex, if you think about it, can be considered an even prouder and more noteworthy moment than posing in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa or being on the verge of wolfing down a juicy slab of meat, don’t you think? And so the impulse to take the ultimate selfie kicking in with your main squeeze between the sheets can’t really be that implausible after all in that light. Tsk tsk, right? Seriously?

Maybe, too, when we judge people who take videos of themselves having sex, we do so from the lens of our respective personal definitions of what having sex means. After all, there are such things as sex toys and other trinkets that help enhance the satisfaction one gets from the act. There are even condoms that are “ribbed” — presumably for her pleasure. Taking a video camera into the bedroom and turning it on, in effect, makes the device and what it is doing part of the act. It becomes, in essence, part of that couple’s experience of having sex much the same way as using a ribbed condom does. Some couples like using ribbed condoms, and some couples like using video recording devices in the bedroom (or, on the kitchen sink). Do we judge couples who used ribbed condoms as harshly or ridicule them as vehemently as we do those who use video recorders while making love?

The ex: Kaye Abad

The ex: Kaye Abad

Well, eat your hearts out people. Chito Miranda is a rock star and Neri Naig is a hot starlet. And they seemed to both be aware of the camera they were performing in front of — which makes the video a record of an act engaged in by two consenting adults. And from the snippet of it I’ve seen, it looks like they put in quite the stellar performance. Perhaps that is where the fascination with this “scandal” is coming from. Even in the sack, the Parokya ni Edgar lead it seems is every bit the legend. Now that is fascinating. No surprise, as I recall, why Chito’s ex Kaye Abad despite being the ex back in 2011 admitted on record that she was open to a “reconciliation”…

Asked if she has any regrets about their relationship, Kaye was honest enough to say that she’s open for a possible reconciliation if that’s what the future holds for them. “Ganon talaga ang buhay. Malay natin ‘di ba? Ayoko naman tuldukan at sabihin sa inyo na hindi na talaga.” But she added that she doesn’t see it happening at this point in time. “Hindi na siya gagawa ng move.”

Apparently, it was a mutual decision for them to set aside their relationship in favor of other opportunities coming their way. “Hindi ko naman sinasabi na hindi na siya makikipagbalikan [ever]. Maayos kasi yung naging pag-uusap namin. Kumbaga, trabaho lang, enjoy muna. Late bloomer kasi ako. gusto ko muna ma-experience lahat. So kung kami sa huli, e ’di kami. Desisyon naming dalawa yun.”

If you ask me, the character of a guy can often be sized up by taking stock of what his exes think of him. That Chito’s ex Kaye Abad remained (at least back in 2011) open to a ‘reconciliation’ says a lot. Then again, poor Neri Naig, though. Chito may be a nice guy (at least based on the ‘ex test’). But I don’t know how one moves on from a sex video ‘scandal’ of this scale — considering that the video itself is a pretty good quality one.

[Photo of Neri Naig and Kaye Abad courtesy Aliwan Avenue and Starmometer Gallery respectively.]

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  • oscar says:

    ok lang si Neri Naig me adult video pero si Chito parang di bagay

  • jasking says:

    If it is true that the hard drive was stolen, there must be a sequel. If no sequel, the “robbery” is hard to believe.

  • Jeffrey says:

    Ang pinaka mabuting gawin ni Chito ay pakasalan si Neri. Not because of the video, but because he wants to protect her and of course gusto talaga nya pakasalan dahil mahal nya. Kung hindi sila magkakatuluyan kawawa naman si Neri. I think they both agreed to make that video because they were already planning to get married or they already have plans in the future. Otherwise, luging lugi naman si Neri kung wala silang balak at pumayag siya sa ganun. I mean, kung sakaling mag break sila what happens? Eh yung video forever na yun kahit hindi pa nag leak. Unless magiging honest silang dalawa na kapag nag break sila idedelete nila lahat ng video files nila.

  • elvis sienna says:

    lesson learn wag tayong gumawa ng exhibition gaya nito. Ninakaw kaya ang hard drive o drama lang ito para ma pag usapan at magind sikat sila. Second hindi kaya binayarn sila ng million ng involve sa Pork Barrel Scam para mag divert ang focus ng mga tao sa mga Senators. Posible ksi hindi nag workout ang Zamboanga Caper…or na Naig talaga ang libog nila..

  • raporgi says:

    Stupid si Chito Miranda! The best place NOT to put your fuck videos is in a portable hdd! or better yet dont make videos if you’re afraid of getting caught! Anyway, CHito benefited from the scandal becuz a lot of peeps attended his concert after the release of the video/videos. Too bad for Neri though, I dont see projects lining up for her.

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