We beg to differ.

This is what ‘actress-politician’ Lani Mercado, wife of actor-turned-senator Bong Revilla had to say about the idea of scrapping altogether the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) or pork barrel:

“Basta huwag lang manghihingi sa amin ang mga tao!”

Lani Mercado sets her terms with regard to proposals to scrap the pork barrel.

Lani Mercado sets her terms with regard to proposals to scrap the pork barrel.

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And we wonder why the Philippines is renowned for its beggar culture.

To Ms. Lani Mercado et al:

Ang pera ay hindi hinihingi. Ito ay kinikita.


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  • Jash says:

    Stop speaking politically here. When we stop throwing words toward each other and start doing our part for the betterment of the country, everything will be put into place. The reason behind all of these (poverty, corruption) is fault-finding. Everyone is looking on each other’s fault. We can never eradicate corruption nor put an end to poverty by just saying your thoughts or lamentations here, or even slandering one another just because we don’t like his/her opinion. You must learn to look beyond your window- learn to step out of the door.

    • Rbcube520 says:

      You do not have the right to stop anybody here from speaking what he wants to say. As Voltaire have once said, “”I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”. That’s our freedom of speech..

    • Joel says:

      There is a big difference between fault-finding and fact-finding. We cannot afford to turn a blind eye to this economic sabotage perpetrated by our politicians who should be looking after the welfare of the people they represent. Those who have committed these grave abuse should held accountable and prosecuted. This is as one columnist wrote is a rape of our nation.

    • Bee says:

      Ganito katatalino mga showbiz-politicians natin. Magpapalusot lang ay palpak pa.

    • Mummy Chinggay says:

      With all due respect Jash, we are not fault finding, we are expressing what we feel about this issue. I, for one, just wants to publicly air my sentiment as to how arrogantly this idiotic woman is reacting towards the issue of PDAF being abolished. I don’t give a damn as to how she handles her office, but for her to demean her constituents as if the money she’s giving to them is from her OWN POCKET, is totally revolting at NAKAKAYAMOT!!!

      And FYI, a lot of people already stepped out from their “doors” to reveal such filth Filipino politics has, but to what avail? WALA! Kasi ang mga politikong mga yan ang gagawa ng lahat ng paraan to cover up their assess because they would be fried in their own sebo if the truth will come out.

    • Rashid says:

      Did you ever do your part? choss naman na comment oo… I think we should see the big F for fault so we can eradicate the mental bullshits who’s dragging our nation to perdition.. Wala namang slander na nangyari.. lantad na nga sa TV ang kababuyan na ginawa nila,, People are just lamenting it here cause that’s the least they can do to partake that freedom of speech that they’re allowed too.. hahahehehahaho.. One should be vigilant.. There’s nothing wrong if we see their faults for that should be corrected not in a judgmental manner but in a constructive one..obviously faulty naman yung ways nila.. Pero kung crab mentality ang ipapairal natin ibang usapan yun..Gets mo? Kung “FAULTY” ang pamamaraan nila then that should be eradicated dahil yan ang source ng lahat ng kababuyan na nangyayri dito sa bansa natin politically speaking..Ikaw anu bang ginawa mo right after you looked beyond your window?

  • chico ramirez says:

    isa pa iyan lani mercado isa pang bulok na politician pareho ng asawa niya.

  • ces says:

    Congressmen and Congresswomen, you should teach people to catch fish instead of just handing them dole outs. People would never ever learn if they can get their needs by just begging for alms. Can’t rely on other people for our own sustenance. People should learn the value of hard work. Concentrate on passing bills that would enable the Filipino people. Scrap the pork barrel! Only you, politicians, are benefiting from it.

  • edgardo says:

    Tanong kay Lani Mercado:

    Kanina ka nanghingi ng pabor noong ikaw ay kumandidato bilang kongresista?

  • efren says:

    Ang problema sa mga politician kapag nabuko ay kong sino sino ang itinuturo bakit ayaw ninyong magpakatao.Kong mabuti ang inyong gawain ay hinde kayo damay. Shame on you Lani and to Bong revilla you stole the trust of the people through your great lies.

  • vincent agbayani says:

    Think before you open your mouth Lanie.

  • John B says:

    Take a guess at who I was talking about in my most recent blog?

  • Dirch says:

    It seems that this simple minded politician’s idea of public spending is taking money from taxpayers then giving it to whoever she chooses. Seriously, what the fuck?

  • ineng says:

    ibig mong sabihin, ang binibigay mong pera sa mga taong nanghihingi sa iyo ay galing sa PDAF??

    e, nasaan ba IQ mo? kung magbibigay ka, dapat galing sa sarili mong bulsa kasi iba ang pinaglalaanan ng PDAF!

  • ES says:

    Lanie just one word please stop judging.

  • jose dela cruz says:

    Sps. Revilla: You give people money, yes its true. But its not out of generosity. It is in exchange for their vote. And it’s not your money you gave away it’s taxpayers’ money. Huli na kayo magpapalusot pa.

  • Setting It Straight says:

    the pork barrel, and Filipinos’ squatter mentality

    Filipino Squatter Mentality? Let’s not make it appear as if that is innate to the Filipino. Historically, the foreign colonizers were the first ones who taught this nation what squatting on a grand scale is. To colonize and usurp kingdoms is an acquired trait we got from no less than the English folks, the French, the Americans, the Spaniards, the Japanese, the Chinese etc.

    Abraham Lincoln is a notable example. In 1862, Lincoln signed the Homestead Act, also previously vetoed by President Buchanan. It eventually gave away 420,000 square miles – 10% of all American land – to squatters.

    The CARP Law recognizes a squatter as a tenant if the land he squatted on was developed and tilled by him and it was abandoned and neglected formerly.

    Prior to those, almost all the lands were squatted upon by the Spaniards and their churchmen and their families and cronies.

    Who is the squatter then? Doesn’t the land (being a finite resource relative to population size) belong to the whole citizenry and the State reserves the right to regulate and distribute the same if it becomes necessary (under the Philippine Constitution)?

  • John says:

    I thought you’re running the government position so you can help the poor Filipino people. This is what you promised during the election campaign. Shame on you, shame all Politicians. You’re judgement day are coming, you maybe save from the law of the land because of money & power but in the eyes of God, you’re not.

  • chico ra says:

    Bring them all to justice from the higher up to the lowest leader

  • chico ra says:

    i CANT STAND THE WAY eNRILE AND jINGGOY, rEVILLA SMILE WITH A SMIRK ON EVERY PHOTOS LIKE SAYING…i dont give a fuck to all of you out there> we got the money> s>

  • Makmud says:

    Ang mukha mo Mrs. Lannie Mercado ay makapal pa kay Janet Napoles. Hinde nyo trabaho ang ipamigay ang PORK BARREL funds. Kung wala kayong ibibigay huwag kayong magbigay. BASURA ka at ang asawang mo na si BONG REVILLA utak baboy!

  • Makmud says:

    ARTISTA pagpumasok sa politika MAGNANAKAW!

  • Pepe says:

    REVILLA pamilya ng MAGNANAKAW! BOYCOTT all their TV Shows!

  • Bantay Bayan says:

    Lani Mercado-Revilla is sooo INSENSITIVE! Your husband is the Biggest Beneficiary or the Highest Gainer of the PORK BARREL SCAM W/ NAPOLES! Pwede ba, mahiya ka naman sa mga sinabi mo?

  • michaela de villa says:

    Poor Lani. Her true colors came out without even trying. So beware taxpayers! Our money is being used by the likes of this stupid girl to get more votes. Thought she is one intelligent girl. Lulusot lang nagpakatanga pa.

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