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Chito Miranda, Neri Naig Sex Video Leak

August 3, 2013
by Paul Farol

chito miranda sex tape videoSearching for the Chito Miranda, Neri Naig sex video that was supposedly leaked has probably driven hundreds of thousands if not millions of people to search for a copy of it on the net.

On Instagram, Miranda (Parokya Ni Edgar vocalist), said:

“We are truly saddened by the fact na may nag-leak na private video of me and my girlfriend, Neri Naig.

“Humihingi po ako ng paumanhin sa mga pamilya namin for this unfortunate incident.

“Thank you for your prayers.

“Thanks for all your prayers and encouraging messages. Our hard drive was stolen from our room in our house along with several other stuff…”

Some would think that people would have lost their interest in “home made smut gone accidentally public” after the sex video of Pamela Lee Anderson and Tommy Lee made its rounds globally, but nooooo…

As soon as that went around, there came Paris Hilton and a string of other celebrities.

The Philippines, being the monkey-see monkey-do country that it is, has it’s own list of celebs whose sex videos have gone public “accidentally”.  But to be fair, really, there was that Vivian Velez video long before Hayden Kho and the rest of the names that figured in the circus of private smut gone public .  (And I cringe at the idea of someone actually getting a rise from the Dovie Beams-President Marcos sex “audio tape”.)

The only thing, really, worth saying really is that people ought to learn… The only way to keep a private moment PRIVATE is not to record it on video or film at all.


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  • tonyabs says:

    Chito should be faulted to his doing.It is a weird attitude to video such act and if he love girl Neri Naig he should have not done it in the first place. He knows the consequence since there is already a precedent the Hayden Kho Karina Halili if something happened to said video.Or he have done this video to use such video as a collateral if ever the girl realized that he is not the good guy and she will not be able to dump him because of the video. If I am the father of Neri Naig I will cut your penis just to get even to what you have done to her. Bastard.

    • Robert Haighton says:

      I cant speak intelligently about the entire incident, I cant speak intelligently about the 2 persons involved

      However, I will consider the fact that it might have happened with full consent of both parties. And maybe the woman was the intiator of all this. Who knows.

      Do you have any idea how many couples – world wide – take (still) pictures of themselves during their most intimate, passionate moments?
      Do you have any idea how many couples – world wide – take video footage of themselves during their most intimate, passionate moments?

      Jesus Christ, pls grow up. It happens all over the world but in most cases the pics nor video gets stolen.

    • Jerry says:

      I feel sorry for Neri. Why did you let Chito manipulate you & take a video of your private moments. This guy wouldn’t do anything good to you. If I were you I would file a case against Chito and clean up your image….

  • Robert Haighton says:


    I completely disagree with your final line “The only way to keep a private moment PRIVATE is not to record it on video or film at all.”

    If you are really serious then pls tell the world to stop uploading all those boring family pics on Facebook and other websites. Those pics are also private even when there is no nudity in it. People make such pics bec of the event and maybe to capture the moment and not to forget about that moment when we are all in a senile day care pension home. That is the same reason why people make pics of their significant other on beaches, parties and yes even more intimate, passionate moments. There is really no difference for them between an innocent Facebook family outing and this more intimate, passionate moment. I am even sure both Ms Neri and Mrs Chito would like to re-watch it later and laugh all about it. But they cant anymore. So they have to re-shoot the enactment. Because I am sure they will re-shoot it, sooner or later.

    • Paul Farol says:

      I completely disagree with you here, “There is really no difference for them between an innocent Facebook family outing and this more intimate, passionate moment.”

      Unless of course you’re a bonobo chimp, then a family outing would in fact involve copious amounts of copulation.

  • ganda p nmn ni neri dito..hehe share ko lang yung link guys.

  • chay says:

    Kung makapanghusga nman mga tao. Di ba ginawa nyo rin iyan sa mga asawa at gf/bf nyo hindi lang kayo nag video. Kapal ng mga mukha ng mga taong mapanghusga. Ang mga tao kung libog mga baboy sa sex kaya huwag kayong manghusga. Kapal nyo haha

  • aymon says:

    ok lng yn chito…and s mga ngcocoment ng hinde mganda, think about it first?… ;leak nga d b?…it means hinde cla ang nglagay, at beside almost n may gf and bf made their own sex video, even me, but i dont put it on the web, it was just my personal copy…

  • Keith says:

    They should handle this the way maricar handled the scandal with hayden, she did not talk about it, they do not have any obligation to answer about this, eventhough it has been leaked it still remains as a private matter between the two. Only God can judge us, no one else in this world has the right to judge other people.

  • Nobody is perfect so dont act like one!!!

  • fernando says:

    respeto lang ang kailangan ng kahit sino.pero case to case basis pa rin naman hindi porket nagcomment ng hindi maganda sa sex scandal chito and neri ay judgemental na.natural may kanya-kanya tayong opinion na hindi pwedeng diktahan ang sasabihin ng tao wether positive or negative.the point is learn to accept your flaws and you have to be ready what people might think or say about the issue.wala naman masama ang pagkuha ng video habang nagsesex sila ang mali dun hindi nila iningatan na maaaring kumalat.maliban jan kung gusto mo respetohin ka ng mga tao matuto ka muna rumespeto sa sarili,at this point kumalat na sya at napagpiyestahan na yan ng madlang people.wala na kayong magagawa damaged has been done.kaya next time kung gagawa pa kayo ng ganyan klaseng video make sure na kayo lang ang nakakaalam at maging alerto sa mga taong magnanakaw.

  • ChinoF says:

    How did their hard drive get stolen anyway? That really sounded funny. But anyway, what a non-issue this is.

  • janna says:

    no one has the right to judge..eveyone commits mistakes and everyone has libog… it’s none of our business…

  • gomer says:

    para ky chito at neri..wla po kau dpat ikahiya ngyon..kc s panhon mrami ang tao my mlwak n kaisipan..kese s mga tao mpag husga..ang mhalga basta kya nyo pnindagan ang ginwa s mga gnito sitwasyon kylgan nyo suporta ng isat isa..

  • says:

    They are public figures, the should not be making videos and when it gets “accidentally outed” asks for support. Get the fuck out.

    also, you have a small dick CHITO

  • lhenz says:

    hayaan nyo chito and neri, mawawala din ang isyong yan.. basta alam nyo sa sarili nyo na you love each other……maybe next time be more careful….

  • MatX says:

    leaked, as opposed to “distributed.”


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