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Quite a shame that the prosecution team in the impeachment trial of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona, already beleaguered over the course of the proceedings by a litany of gaffes, episodes of mediocre performance, and instances of unethical behaviour laid bare by one Senator-Judge after another, has to suffer the humiliation of one of its hired private lawyers getting caught disrespecting the court. Private attorney Vitallano Aguirre was recorded on video covering his ears as Senator-Judge Miriam Defensor-Santiago delivered her privilege speech.

Perhaps after all, as most prosecution apologists would point out, Santiago was out of line when she used the word “gago” (presumably in unsurprising reference to the prosecution team). But then it can be argued that the rudeness of the word gago is really a matter of individual perception and its categorisation as “rude” more a subjective call. The word gago, as I pointed out ealier, has a very specific meaning in Tagalog. It means “idiot”. When a Filipino calls you gago it means he or she is telling you that you are an idiot. And what can be more evidence of idiocy in the prosecution as a collective than the idiotic behaviour and thinking that Santiago pointed out from the podium yesterday…

Senator-Judge Miriam Defensor Santiago took to the podium and said that the prosecution’s dropping of more than half the Articles of Impeachment was unprecedented. “You are prejudging the case. What are you doing, conducting trial by publicity?” She accused the prosecution of misleading the court. “Ang yayabang ng nagsasalita ng ganyan, gago naman.” This is where I noticed that most of the members of the prosecution belonging to the House of Representatives were not seated at the Prosecutions table but at the VIP Section of the hall. Most of those who sat at the prosecution table were the private prosecutors and Prosecutor Representative Colmenares who led them on Article 7.

Santiago then turns her anger from the prosecution to a recent University of the Philippines survey. Addressing the University, she said, “Please do not try these little dirty tricks on us. We are old people here.” She added, “People who machinate the press releases on the UP survey should be kicked out! Shame on the university.”

This, in fact, is just the most recent of a series of past justifiably vitriolic call-outs coming from Santiago that were directed squarely at the prosecution team. In fact, I’d consider the statement she made previous to the above a lot more in-your-face when she said that the prosecution team was “an INSULT to the intelligence of educated Filipinos”. Ouch! Suffice to say, “idiot” is putting it mildly in the context of that one.

Bottomline is that while other instances of inappropriate behaviour over the course of the impeachment trial whether it came from the defense team or the Senator-Judges are all debatable this quaint childishness (at best) and downright rudeness (at worst) of a lawyer covering his ears while a judge spoke cannot be disputed.

This quaint episode is, in fact, a microcosm of the sort of politics that imprisoned the Filipino mind over the last 26 years resulting in damage to the Filipino collective psyche that we are only now beginning to understand — an entire generation of Filipinos conditioned to think that an adolescent tantrum mounted on a Manila highway by a lynch mob can always trump the ruling of a duly-constituted institution. It is this sort of moronic thinking that breeds street “ocho-ocho” rallyists at its most benign and dangerous military adventurists at its deadliest. It is the mother of all viral memes and it continues to infect the Filipino mind like a cancer.

Either way, Santiago’s “gago” has already been stricken out of court records upon the request of Congressman (and member of the prosecution team) Rodolfo Fariñas — a request to which Santiago herself did not object to. In short, the incident has been buried. Santiago will move on, the trial will move on, and we will move on. But it is quite possible that Aguirre will forever be stuck in this moment, replaying it in his head over and over while wondering: Was it worth it?

A lucky therapist will be laughing all the way to the bank.

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  • ahehe says:

    Philippines becomes creditor nation (lolwut)

    noytards celebrate, conveniently forget his UNAUDITABLE billions and his yes-man ilk.

  • Der Fuhrer says:

    The great leader in the palace by the river is split-focused on his perceived enemies and very friendly to his cronies MILF and communist allies. He likes AFP modernization. Leading this with old Hamilton cutter downgraded gunboats and old F-16 aircraft seen as widow makers. Scatter gun defense acquisitions with nothing in the way of modernized, upgraded integrated defense systems.Falsely romancing the military is his way of leadership. The prices of basic commodities are going up. Tuition fees are going up. LPG is going up. Taxi fare is going up. What is the real state of the national economy? What about the affairs of state and the problems of government? He seems to be very obsessed with his “cleansing” government reform program while he forgets his other functions, duties and responsibilities. By the way, he denied that he will launch Plan B. Don’t trust his word. There is a saying. Beware the ides of March.

  • jose licon says:

    this is shit miriam,don’t have wright to say gago because she is lokaloka,look guys all senators except j.aroyo lapid enrile,revilla are observing but all of those are tuta of aroyo,jun santiago was given job by aroyo,enriles case in cagayan smagle of cars,bong and lapid what are they doing,you guys until now are favore to corrupt.thats why you are hapi w/corona,aroyos midnight puppy,hehehe.

    • FelYounghusband says:

      I agree Miriam does not have the right to say it (gago) out loud in the impeachment court even if it is obviously true. I do not understand however where your right to call Sen. Santiago “lokaloka” came from. That’s totally out of line, much like you not being able to spell “smuggle” is out of line as well if we are going to pick on that (not to mention your grammar). So let’s just stick to the topic which is Aguirre’s actions. Your baseless claims are worth ignoring and I understand for I know you know nothing of what you speak. You are a classic example of the danger of democracy. When a government full of brains like yours gets to decide who rules who, we will eventually self destruct and we can only hope for a sensible dictatorship to save us.

      • Trosp says:


        Don’t be too hard on that dud. In this blog, there is a shortage of people with his mindset. They’re gems.

        • FelYounghusband says:

          Unfortunately there is no like button for your comment. But just so you know, if there were, I’d click it. Apparently, I did not realize that until you said it.

  • jose licon says:

    dapat si aling dionisya na lang sa senado,totoong tao pa.hahaha

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