We beg to differ.

The Filipino people are at a crossroads in their political lives. The impeachment trial of Chief Justice (CJ) Corona will resume on March 12, which gives us time to think how we have gotten to this point. GRP personified benign0 gives us an idea here.

Let us recall what has happened in the last two weeks. Evidence presented by the prosecution got thrown out. Secretary de Lima struggled with her testimony. The prosecution dropped five out of their eight original articles of impeachment. Senator Miriam Santiago delivered her most ear-wrenching lecture yet (gago!). Vitallano Aguirre made the mistake of covering his ears just to keep from hearing one of Santiago’s lectures, which in turn earned him a citation in contempt of court. He resigned from the prosecution panel shortly thereafter.

In summary, the prosecution’s case is going rather well.

We the Filipino people, in a way are involved in a trial of our own. We stand accused of not thinking for ourselves these last 26 years. We stand accused of being responsible for our own lack of progress. We stand accused of not taking our destinies into our own hands as a people. We stand accused of squandering opportunities that have come to improve our way of life.

In short, we stand accused of paving the road towards our own demise.

CJ Corona’s case has clearly divided us. There are those who have pre-judged the CJ even if the trial has not yet finished, and there are those who have come to appreciate the law, the idea of due process, and the idea of three coequal branches of government, for what they really stand for. We have seen our Senators rise to the occasion, and for some, fall flat on their faces. Whatever the verdict will be, Filipino society will never be the same.

In one of my previous articles, I enjoyed the exercise of drawing parallels between a fictional work, and our current state of Philippine politics. I thought I would do it again here.

Our reference this time is the very noteworthy film, A Few Good Men. It stars Tom Cruise and Demi Moore as Judge Advocate General (JAG) lawyer Kaffee and Naval Investigator Galloway, respectively. Jack Nicholson stars, in perhaps one of his most memorable roles, as Colonel Jessup. Plot summary here.

The story follows the trial of two United States Marine Corps (USMC) soldiers, Downey and Dawson, who are being investigated for murder following the death of a fellow Marine, Willy Santiago. They were stationed at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba, where the commanding officer is Colonel Jessup. If you think about it, the two defendants can represent two types of Filipino citizens. I will elaborate on this later.

The courtroom scene towards the end is the source for one of the best lines in film ever. After Kaffee caught Jessup in one of his own lies, he decided that the time was ripe to force the colonel to admit ordering a Code Red, a euphemism for an extrajudicial punishment. Although he was close to being cited in contempt of court, he felt he could get the colonel to admit it.

Jessup: You want answers?
Kaffee: I want the truth!!!
Jessup: You can’t handle the truth!!!

Substitute President Aquino (PNoy) for Jessup, and a Concerned citizen (cross-examiner) for Kaffee, and take any scenario of his being caught in an awkward situation where he had been inconsistent, or inadvertently shown his own bias (take your pick):

PNoy: You want answers?
Cross-examiner: I want the truth!!!
Pnoy: You can’t handle the truth!!!

After that, Jessup delivers a short speech where he regards Kaffee as disrespectful of Marines doing their duty. It’s not too far from the notion of PNoy disrespecting his critics, isn’t it? Kaffee continues anyway.

Kaffee: Did you order the Code Red?!?!?!?
Jessup: You’re goddamn right I did!!!

Now, let’s define “Code Red” in our own context. We can make Code Red stand for COrona DEcision (on Hacienda Luisita) REDone, or COrona DEposed, REputation Destroyed. I leave it up to the readers to think of their own terms. The significance of this phrase to us is that even just by dragging him through an impeachment trial, PNoy has effectively killed not just the career of CJ Corona, but of anyone who has an opinion that he does not like. Do the same role substitutions, and we get the following exchange:

Cross-examiner: Did you order the Code Red?!?!?!?
PNoy: You’re goddamn right I did!!!

As for the defendants, they were found not guilty of murder, but they were not able to avoid dishonorable discharge, due to being guilty of conduct unbecoming of a Marine. The difference lies in the way each of them accepted the verdict:

Downey: Colonel Jessup said he ordered the Code Red!!! What did we do wrong?!?!?!? We did nothing wrong!!!
Dawson: Yeah, we did. We were supposed to fight for people who couldn’t fight for themselves. We were supposed to fight for Willy.

I mentioned earlier that the two Marines on trial can symbolize two types of Filipino citizens. Downey represents a Filipino who just blindly follows his leaders’ words and nothing else. Dawson symbolizes a Filipino who, in the end, had learned to discern between right and wrong, between what his duty is and what he should not do, albeit too late.

It’s interesting to note, by the way, that the USMC motto is Semper fidelis, which means “always loyal” in Latin. I wonder how much longer PNoy’s supporters will be able to feel that for him.

While we are talking movie references, let’s mention the sci-fi classic, Tron.. I am referring to the very first film, released in 1982, not the sequel from 2010. Let’s proceed to the scene where the security program, Tron, is doing battle with the main villain’s assistant, Sark.

Sark: You’re very persistent, Tron!
Tron: I’m also better than you!

Now substitute Corona for Tron, and PNoy for Sark. Hey, even the roles that they play fit! We get the following dialogue:

PNoy: You’re very persistent, Corona!
Corona: I’m also better than you!

Those familiar with the movie will probably find more parallels between it and our current political situation, but I won’t go through them in detail here. I leave it as an exercise to the readers (hint: Master Control Program (MCP) = oligarchs).

Lastly, I just want to mention that it’s a given in these forums, that we get the occasional commenters who just do not get it. There are some who have the gall to keep insisting that we are too concerned about the procedures of the impeachment trial, instead of focusing on the truth. An example of such a statement, below:

“And all of you are making a controversy out of the PROCEDURE while missing the goal and the crux of the matter which is the TRUTH. How pathetic. I’m out of here.“

If your data is flawed, then your conclusion is flawed, that simple. This is non-negotiable for anything that has to go through a systematic procedure, such as a court trial. If you don’t follow a systematic procedure, you’re doing no better than a witch hunt. People like the above-mentioned will never be able to appreciate, nor understand that.

Once again, that epic exchange from A Few Good Men plays in my head:

“I want the truth!!!”
“You can’t handle the truth!!!”

PNoy, his prosecution team, his supporters, and anyone who does not want to think, do not look very capable of handling the truth. The case against CJ Corona has just gotten even flimsier. The house of cards is about to come crashing down.


Wer mit der Herde geht, kann nur den Ärschen folgen - whoever runs with the flock, can only follow ass.

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  • domo says:

    Nice one on comparing the impeachment with those movies you’ve mentioned. Although you should also include this from Judge Dredd since this is about the law (Dredd as Corona while Rico as pnoy):

    • domo says:

      Oops correction: (Corona as Dredd while pnoy as Rico)

    • FallenAngel says:

      LOL. how could I forget that.

      You betrayed the LAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!!!

      • MoViEbUfF says:

        Anatomy of most Get Real Forums:

        (1) This is the typical opening salvo. Usually, it is composed of ass kissers to initiate the discussion. Very seldom, but it’s possible, that a transient poster will make the first remark.

  • Joe America says:

    Wonderful article. That is a classic line “you can’t handle the truth”. As I recollect, it was spouted in rage by the Nicholson character, who ended up in jail and disgrace. So his fear of getting information out – the truth – is what did him in.

    I dunno. I see the incompetence of the prosecution and the SALN that does not add up and the rants and taunts and say “yep, this is the Philippines, where real life is better than most movies”.

    For myself I don’t like having a Chief Justice who testifies to an SALN that adds up wrongly, or uses a dozen attorneys to make sure his dollar assets remain hidden. You know, the top judicial officer of the land who does not want facts to influence the decision.

    • Parallax says:

      if i were in a boxing match i’d want my opponent to NEVER protect himself too, joe. but then, what will my win prove?

      • Joe America says:

        Facts SHOULD prove he deserves to stay in office.

        That he is fighting so desperately to hide information sends the wrong message, that he believes in the exercise of law, rather than the good the law is designed to protect.

        In other words, he is acting like an attorney rather than a judge.

        • Der Fuhrer says:

          @Joe America

          Why don’t we await the defense panel’s turn before making statements against CJ Corona.

        • Mush Room says:

          That he is fighting so desperately to hide information sends the wrong message, that he believes in the exercise of law, rather than the good the law is designed to protect.

          Those two things are not mutually exclusive. False dichotomy Mister Joe.

        • LosEnemigos says:

          I think Mister Joe’s arguments are direct. You may have been too strict on the punctuations that is why you treated it as one sentence.

          Mister Joe’s approach here is one of literary style and textbook Mechanic’s of Arguments on Debate sadly does not apply all the time.

          Try correcting the Gettysburg Address and see how pale that will become.

        • Combuzz says:

          we’re not sure yet why he has those accounts, the defense hasn’t defended their position yet. You’ve already judged him as someone who is hiding stuff because he has dollar accounts. Maybe he uses them for currency arbitrage or they can be outright empty.He also did not hire attorneys just to make sure his dollar accounts are hidden, the law provides that it is illegal to open those accounts.The attorneys are there to defend his innocence.

        • Joe America says:

          Combuzz, I am simply giving a personal impression. We can’t know what is in the accounts unless the defense is willing to allow it, because secrecy of the accounts is a law. The judge doesn’t want us to know, when the purpose of the SALN is perfectly clear. Public officials ought not to be able to hide illgotten wealth in a nation that does this routinely. In the US it is called fraud.

          How do you right the ship? Transparency. Just as the U.S. is breaking down Swiss secrecy laws in the hunt for tax evaders.

          I am looking forward to the defense case with great expectation.

        • Parallax says:

          @joe: those “facts” should have been part of legally obtained evidence. if you personally have an issue with legally obtaining evidence, go ask a lawyer why evidence MUST be legally obtained.

          now, if those “facts” are NOT part of evidence, and the prosecution is FISHING for possible things to whack the accused with, that’s already allowing the accusing party (who is, take note, accusing without proof) to hound the accused as long as the accuser’s benefactor has enough resources to keep intruding into everything. it will have no end except in the accused losing in the end, whether the accused is a guilty man or an innocent man, because the machinations you want imposes no proper, decent, or lawful restraint on the accuser.

          of course, i would love to see that happen to pnoy himself, being hounded in court for the rest of his life for being instrumental in ruining the economy by prioritizing political vengeance, trading the country’s democratic institutions for hacienda luisita, and whatever else we could think of later and much much later.

          i would love for all his critics to band together and hound pnoy on case after case after case so pnoy will have to explain why he shouldn’t be punished, penalized, or pwned for each of these:

          never mind his rights to protect himself. let’s put all the dirt on the table and spend an eternity accusing people and hoping to find evidence sooner, later, or much much later. after all, that’s what seems to send the right message, right joe?

          (btw, all this talk of transparency is moot if not applied to all them public officials, your idol included.)

        • Joe America says:

          parallelaxe, I agree, even the bank accounts of President Aquino should be available to law enforcement agencies upon showing “reasonable cause” to a judge, and receiving a warrant for access. I also agree the courtroom should not be used as a fish bowl.

          Fallen Angel, I took my pills before commenting. Just like Senator Santiago ought to do.

    • FallenAngel says:

      May I say frankly, Joe, I think your commenting style is getting better :)

      Careful Joe, nobody has pre-judged the trial here. I trust you know better than to make mistakes like that.

      Let me reiterate what everybody else before me here has said. Let’s wait for the defendant’s explanation on things. If the defense cannot counter the prosecution’s argument sufficiently, not all the CJ powers in the world can save Corona.

  • MoViEbUfF says:

    This is a nice twist in the realm of opinion posting! If I may borrow and alter a line from the movie Philadelphia to answer Sir Parallax’s analogy

    “With all due respect your honor, *this is not a boxing match*”

    * Moviebuff

    • Parallax says:

      @moviebuff: the thing about analogies is that there’s a common context that allows the parallelism to be expressed.

      now, if we’re just going to take snippets of whatever from anywhere without using context, then any schmoe could answer you back quoting from a fairly frequently heard line from penn & teller’s popular series named “bullshit”. guess what that word is.

      get what i mean?

  • MoViEbUfF says:

    Sir Domo:

    It’s good you mentioned Judge Dredd and compared him to Corona. Remember these lines uttered by Corona, errr….Judge Dredd

    “I did not betray the law. I AM THE LAW”

    • Der Fuhrer says:

      In reality… CJ Corona never said “I am the law.”
      I sure miss the critter Vincenzo. Looks like the good trolling lure attracted trash fish again.

      • MoViEbUfF says:

        Let’s wait for their time to present then. Here’s hoping that a permanent, errr…. temporary (what the heck there is no difference anyway) restraining order is not in the works.

        I really hate to say (from the movie “I, Robot” uttered by WIll Smith)…”I told you so, does not quite make it”.

        …..your temper Sir

      • MoViEbUfF says:

        And Sir, that is what one gets when one tries to tailor a movie’s storyline and context to fit one’s point of view 😉

      • Amir al Bahr says:

        Der Fuhrer,

        A quote from Archie comics comes into mind:

        “*sigh*. We used to get a higher class of trash in this neighborhood.”

  • Domingo Arong says:

    Fallen Angel

    The “Watergate Scandal” (1972) and the Cover Up that ensued with the involvement of no less than the Executive would be closer, because it was Nixon, no less, who masterminded and funded the underhanded techniques the accusers employed, particularly the resort to “dirty tricks”–the “manufactured, irrelevant, cruel and incorrect rumors or outright falsehoods designed to damage or destroy an opponent.”

    As regards the “truth” in Corona’s SALN declarations and Dollar accounts (Joe America), let’s be patient and just wait for the crucial testimonies of the Central Bank “plumbers” in the on-going Senate Hearings, which might lead to the identity of their closet principals and, of course, the much-awaited response (Der Fuhrer’s comment)any accused in a fair trial is entitled to render, a week from now (Mar. 12th).

    In fact, like in any “boxing” match Parallax suggested, I wouldn’t be surprised if the defense team will call for Corona’s presence–in tandem, of course, with PNoy’s invitation, or if not, to secure PNoy’s attendance by “compulsory process”–during the hearings to allow the accused the opportunity (a constitutional RIGHT) to confront face-to-face and one-on-one, his Chief Accuser.

  • GabbyD says:

    what is code red in this analogy? what did pnoy order which the soldiers followed?

    • Lord Chimera says:

      What order you say? Why almost everything, from demonizing said person in media to the 188 fools who signed and have not read said impeachment articles.

    • Parallax says:

      i gotta hand it to you, gabbyd. if there’s anything at all that’s completely reliable about you, it’s quality control.

      • FallenAngel says:

        internal quality audit. The problem is that the yield is always less than satisfactory.

        • Parallax says:

          guaranteed to fail virtually all the time, everytime.

          it’s so damn reliable it’s practically six sigma in fail. no more than 3.4 comments of substance (the six sigma defect) per million opportunities.

        • FallenAngel says:

          ROFL :)

          The six sigma reference is downright hilarious, all the more so because I have an IE background

        • Parallax says:

          would have been in ie myself had i not run into certain forks along the way. :)

    • FallenAngel says:

      GabbyD, let’s play a little game. Why don’t you comment here on what you think the answer is, and then I’ll tell you afterwards whether we’re thinking the same thing.

      If you make an excuse that you’ve not yet seen the movie, go watch it.
      If you make an excuse that my article is not clear enough, read it again.
      If you fail to see the figures of speech I used, just stop.

      In other words, gamitin mo naman utak mo.

      • GabbyD says:

        well, in the text, you left the analogy open for interpretation. its confusing.

        lets say it means that Pnoy (jessup) orders his men (congressmen) to code red a fellow soldier (corona).

        ok. then you write: “After that, Jessup delivers a short speech where he regards Kaffee as disrespectful of Marines doing their duty. It’s not too far from the notion of PNoy disrespecting his critics, isn’t it?”

        but i thought pnoy was jessup, not kaffee?

        also, the point of code red wasnt to kill santiago, but merely to haze him to be a better soldier. this is a major plot point in the movie — santiago wanted to leave, but was prevented many times because jessup wanted him disciplined.

        so, is the point of the impeachment to haze corona? or get rid of him? the analogy breaks down at this point.

        i ask because i love that movie and aaron sorkin’s other work. a few good men is a conflict over what the vision of the military is. for kaffey (and his dad), civilian control over the military is part of what makes america great. for jessup, its the complete opposite — civilian control over the military is ministerial. for the big issues, military discipline and rank trumps all (note how he dismisses women holding a higher rank than him with casual sexism).

        • Parallax says:

          @fallenangel: does this count and mean we have 2.4 remaining? 😛

        • FallenAngel says:

          Jessup is intended to be pnoy. There is no confusion there.

          Think about it from another angle, the impeachment case was intended to make an example of the CJ, if not to make him more compliant. But PNoy, in a way, overdid it. He not only pushed the trial, he is slinging mud every chance he gets. By doing so, he is effectively killing his career as I said above. And a dead career, in a way, reduces someone to a lifeless corpse.

          Similarly, the code red is intended to discipline someone and make him more compliant. Unchecked, it leads to death, as the movie had shown.

          Remember that I defined the term “code red” in our context above. Not only that part, but the entire analogy wouldn’t have worked if I just superimposed A unto B without taking into regard the different contexts. And I didn’t do that.

          And with what you said about Kaffee advocating civilian control, the analogy to our context is that Corona symbolizes the check and balance that the judiciary plays. PNoy, consistent as Jessup, insists that such be done away with.

          Remember as well that part of Jessup’s speech after “you can’t handle the truth::. There’s a part:”…sleeps under the very blanket of freedom I provide, and questions the manner in which I provide it.” Read between the lines, and that part implies “you have no right to tell me how to do my job”. Now do you see why I said “similar to Pnoy disrespecting his critics”?

          Sure, not all of the speech applies to Pnoy, but the gist does.

          So, the analogy doesn’t break down. It actually works better than even I thought.

          Having just said the above, GabbyD, I just have one question:
          do we have to spell out everything for you?!?!

          Parallax, to answer your question, complete the following phrase in GabbyD’s context:

          At first if you don’t succeed…

          I’m surprised you didn’t pick up who “Lord of the sea” is 😛

        • Parallax says:

          if at first you don’t succeed, gabbyd, you still have 3.4 out of a million attempts left.

          “lord of the sea”… i must be too sleepy to think what i am missing here though, fallenangel. sorry. :(

          i’ll be the first to admit i need a little less figuring out right about now.

  • 1Luna says:

    Is it possible the author of this article haven’t reviewed his piece thoroughly?

    On one hand you already judged that Pnoy gave the marching orders for the impeachment

    (read).Cross-examiner: Did you order the Code Red?!?!?!?
    PNoy: You’re goddamn right I did!!!

    While on the other hand you are demanding that Corona should not be judged before the defense present their counterargument.

    • ahehe says:

      Pnoy did. It’s called pork barrel. Just ask the baguio rep who regretted signing the complaint in exchange for millions of pesos.

      • LosEnemigos says:

        The Pro-Pnoy supporter will also say likewise to Corona’s bank and dollar accounts.

        You missed the point.

        • Parallax says:

          @losenemigos: 1luna is trying to reconcile this

          On one hand you already judged that Pnoy gave the marching orders for the impeachment


          While on the other hand you are demanding that Corona should not be judged before the defense present their counterargument

          but pnoy being the driving force of the impeachment wasn’t something to be “judged”. it’s fact. corona’s guilt or innocence is what’s to be determined in the trial.

          hihirit ka lang mali pa.

      • 1Luna says:

        Then it defeats the writer’s intention of educating us of the workings of Law because we ourselves are guilty of the pre-judging.

  • karim says:

    @ 1luna

    it’s just a metaphor, a figure of speech which a term or phrase is applied to something

  • 1Luna says:

    I think the author is the best one to defend that.

    From how I read it, he is more on the technical rather than the literature author.

  • Peste says:

    I don’t know if people here are refined enough, but I present this:

  • FallenAngel says:

    Parallax, karim, thank goodness for people like you who get it.

    I just want to say, for the record, that figures of speech, symbolism, and stretching one’s imagination, are literary devices lost upon quite a few here.

    At face value, this article is entertainment. It’s more entertaining than anything else to see life imitating fiction. However, articles like these are also mirrors. The reader sees what he/she wants to see, precisely because I, the author, am not merely just shoving opinions down your throats. Frankly, comparisons like these also make the article easier to swallow.

    I fashioned this article in such a way that you guys can draw your own conclusions, but nowhere did I say mine, if any, is the only valid one. Therefore, if anybody is accusing me of any bias, think again whose bias it actually is.

    Once again, people shoot the messenger but not the message, or they just plain don’t get it.

    • Parallax says:

      I just want to say, for the record, that figures of speech, symbolism, and stretching one’s imagination, are literary devices lost upon quite a few here.

      “LOST” seems to mean IGNORED by these people, fallenangel. some of them don’t even sound like vincenzo; they’re fairly articulate. and six sigma boy gabbyd here has a master’s degree or something. it’s either intellectual dishonesty (for pretending not to get it in order to force one’s point-of-view on another without being able to really back it up) or an alarming waste of education money spent by parents.

    • LosEnemigos says:

      Are you serious?! Figure of speech is your alibi for that unequivocal, straight in-your-face statement that Pnoy “ordered the code Red”?

      You should at least be man enough to admit that, I may agree with you even without the procedures of Law you speak so highly of.

      But then again you will be contradicting yourself, would you not?

      Tough situation you’re in. There is however, a procedure in Manufacturing that you can do, alligned with your Six Sigma requirements…. RECALL.

      • Parallax says:

        it would be nice if you read the whole article again and show at least a few iq points and the reading comprehension skills of a grade four kid.

        your failure to get it isn’t the author’s fault but your own. maybe they should have had a recall for the entire batch where your brain came from.

        pa-alibi alibi pa.

        • LosEnemigos says:

          Too bad.

          How about this Inquirer Headline:

          “We were oppressed by the Coronas”

          On one hand, fallen angel is telling us not to judge that this is true unless Corona has his day in court.

          On the other, you are telling us (through your one track mind argument “but pnoy being the driving force of the impeachment wasn’t something to be “judged”. it’s fact.”) that we should believe the headlines anyway.

          You and the author should QA your outputs before you proceed with the deliveries.

        • Peste says:

          You see Parallax, this impeachment is an initiative of Congress. In their newfound zeal to rid the government of corruption, they mustered great haste to file the articles of impeachment. Nothing but good intentions here.

          Also, you guys really need to be coordinated in delivering propaganda for this site. Sloppy and contradictory reasoning makes you no different from a bunch of nationally infamous lawyers.

        • Parallax says:

          @peste: take the cobwebs off your face and see with clarity what 188 congressmen could actually sign with newfound zeal without reading it.

          you call this “sloppy and contradictory reasoning”?

          do your homework, kid.

          hihirit lang, mali pa.

        • Parallax says:

          @losenemigos: your loss if you choose not to get it, pal. but then, i shouldn’t have expected that much of you.

          go on, have another QA pun and maybe it will be funny this time. let’s pretend it actually applies.

        • NUT says:

          Where did you come from you little boy. It’s not your cue yet.

          Parallax can still handle this with his trademark bullying, has not gone fiscalizer mode yet. You are supposed
          instruct us on the dilapidated “Manual on Debates”.

          In fairness with Anonymous (with his limited vocabulary i.e. idiots and its derivative and trolls only) you’re right on cue for the first half.

          Aegis Judex, not yet. You are supposed to be self-righteous when the whole staff has given their parting shots.


          Where is the resident

        • Parallax says:

          @nut: what is it about you geniuses that gets you predictably calling the prevailing guy the bully? i suppose trolls hate being trolled, mmmm?

          playing victim is just pathetic. go ahead and cover your ears.

        • 1Luna says:

          Peste gets the point Parallax.

          It’s a shame you can not take the high road.

        • Parallax says:

          @1luna: i usually do take the high road with dissenters who post intelligent rebuttals, not wiseassedness.

        • 1Luna says:

          Still in denial mode. Typical.

        • Parallax says:

          yeah, denial. tsk tsk. should i turn over a new leaf, mommy?

        • Peste says:

          Demmit Parallax, I thought my second paragraph was enough to clue you in on my sarcasm.

        • BlessYouChild says:

          Peste, you’re no different from the dog who eats his own puke.

          You lost your balls the sudden you got the courage to wear it.


        • BlessYouChild says:

          And it took you more than a couple of hours to post it. Common sense.

        • Peste says:

          OMG MY REPLY WAS HOURS DELAYED! I Oh I dunno, Blessie, I can be somewhere else doing other things aside from obsessively checking this site for new comments.

          What was that? You guys flipped out when you thought you got a new ally? But when I said it was just sarcasm, you then spazz’d because those not on your side can finally make mistakes?

          So you see, Parallax, better get some coordination there. They’re gonna monitor this site good. Even the post timing will not escape their eyes.

        • Parallax says:

          @peste: my bad. thought it was a yellow troll pretending to be you. no worries. (i had an odd feeling something was off. sorry.)

          @blessyouchild: what, i can’t have any sleep just to slap your troll bums in the wee hours of the night? get real and get in line, pal. next!!!

        • Anonymous says:

          LOL, the NUT tries to flame me but I have news for you… It doesn’t work you a**hole.

          You think I have limited vocabulary?? Guess again freak.

        • Amir al Bahr says:

          Parallax, Even Homer sometimes nods. :)

          Everyone else, no I’m not referring to Homer Simpson.

          Peste, I almost didn’t get the sarcasm either. I initially wondered why you did an about-face. Oh well, even Homer sometimes nods.

        • Parallax says:

          @amir al bahr: doh!

          (sorry. i couldn’t resist. 😛 )

          my bad, you guys. my sarcasmometer was having lunch.

          @peste: we’re cool, bro. (i’d suggest a gravatar, but then maybe you don’t have to.)

        • Parallax says:

          @amir: but seriously, thanks. :)

        • Amir al Bahr says:

          Since your head hurts, I won’t add to it. My screen name Amir al Bahr means “lord of the sea” in Arabic. :)

          Angels who descend to Earth do need a place to rule over too 😛

        • Parallax says:

          hi amir. thanks. dunno why fallenangel assumed i’d pick up the meaning of your name, but then maybe i need more sleep just to get past this toxic week. (you could probably tell i don’t have my jerk streak right now.)

      • PamatayPeste says:

        Too bad. You and the author are not that good in creative literature. Sarcasm?! Figure of speech. Metaphor. What next? Go ahead appease dear Parallax COBWEBFACE!!!!!! By the way, cobwebface is a Euphemism, just so you know…..Hehehehehe

        For a “manual on debates” guy, you suck big time.

      • FreakingTroll says:

        Same here, Peste is an honorable guy. Sorry NUT but he is no COBWEBFACE!!!!

  • Chryz says:

    hey..? napanuod ko ung a few good men.
    Jack Nicholson as always blow me away (Kahit sa The Departed, at the Shining).

    err. balik sa topic.
    are we Filipinos cant really handle the “Truth”??

    • FallenAngel says:

      sa madaling salita, hindi. May mga Pilipinong hindi kinakayanang tanggapin ang katotohanan, sapagkat balat-sibuyas sila. Ngunit ito ay paksa para sa ibang talakayan. :)

      • Kalokohan ang GRP says:

        oo nga, may mga Pilipinong hindi matanggap na corrupt ang midnight appointee ng pekeng pangulo. gumagawa pa sila ng site na sumusuporta sa kanya.

        • Anonymous says:

          Nice try troll but your post is full of fail.
          Get a life you ignoramus.

        • domo says:

          Source or your nose is getting longer troll.

        • Daido Katsumi says:

          Iyan ang mga paniniwala ng mga taong grasa sa Pilipinas and worse, people like you love to make TSISMIS as national pastime.

          We can never progress as a country if you refuse to THINK. Sabi pa nga ni Richard Gordon “Filipinos don’t think. They REACT.”

          Please give us FACTS and not conspiracy theories and other crap that you’re spouting.

  • Parallax says:

    they have valium at mercury. would be nice if you could down a few.

    • Kalokohan ang GRP says:

      wow, seryoso, yun ang sagot mo sa akin? i feel so enlightened about the Philippines already! tell me more, gusto ko talagang malaman kung paano mag-isip ang mga tao dito.

      • Daido Katsumi says:

        Well, kalokohan ka rin because of your “anti-Pnoy at pro-CoronArroyo” approach. Sorry to say, but you should GET REAL because you’re completely missing the point. In short, you never get what the article says. Like Parallax said, Pnoy being the driving force for Corona’s trial is a FACT. May hidden agenda din sa Pnoy if you ask me.

        For the record, you’re not really enlightened about the Philippines either. We do; that is because we saw the flaws and what it wrong with our country with things like our dysfunctional culture and other factors which made the Philippines as “Asia’s Basketcase of Wasted Democracy”. And that includes YOU.

      • Parallax says:

        @kalokohan: why, of course. i know it’s hard for you to miss a dose. it makes people like yourself go emo before using their brain.

  • Hyden Toro says:

    We are looking for A Few Good Men, who will stop this madness that this mentally ill President has gotten us into…Philippine Embassies are closing due to lack of funds…and this mentally ill President is bent on spending our funds on this useless impeachment. Just to hold on his Hacienda Luisita and his hidden agendas of his Cojuangco family…
    Some good Filipinos must stop this madness…

  • LosEnemigos says:

    Well, I was expecting somehow a more thought of answer. It turned out they were going back to the predictable one-track mind rebuttals. Typical ad infinitum, ad nauseum argument (it that qualifies as one).

    Engage yourself in some simple mental calisthenics sometimes. It doesn’t feel it but brain atrophy might be settling in.

    (That’s an advise, but then you know better, right?)

  • MoViEbUfF says:

    You want the Truth?

    (1) Hyden

    You’re going the EMO way…way to go for STOICS like your minions

    (2) Wha!!!! No Mush Room comments for Hyden?

    (3) From the Movie Philadelphia

    – “You’re talking about Law, you’re talking about procedures…Now let’s see what this procedure is all about?!”

    – “Are you guys ONE-TRACK MINDED?! Are you guys ONE-TRACK MINDED?! It’s a simple yes-or-no question.”

    (4) The Last of the Mohicans

    “How I love to take scalps……It was 1Luna’s kill”

    Proceed with the ass kissing of your kind guys :-).

    • Parallax says:

      you seem to enjoy conveniently taking snippets and never applying context (even after having been told).

      very well.

      here’s the quote you seem to have missed, the one that’s an excellent response to your butthurtness, moviebuff:

      -quoted from the penn & teller series “bullshit”

  • benign0 says:

    Let the man speak. Since he seems to know a thing or two about GRP and claims that our agenda is “halatang halata”, let’s allow him to enlighten us as to what exactly this “agenda” is.

    Tell us, Mr “Kalokohan ang GRP”: What do you think the “agenda” of GRP is? 😀

    • Kalokohan ang GRP says:

      Ay, sorry, mali ba ako ng hula kung sino ang nagpa-fund sa inyo? Sino ba? Please enlighten me.

      • Parallax says:

        go have a fishing expedition yourself and find out.

      • Daido Katsumi says:

        @Kalokohan: why you don’t just admit the fact that what are you doing is nothing but spouting nonsense by putting up rhetorics and conspiracy theories and crap.

        Ayaw mong aminin na you’re just a SLANDERER. Most of the trolls here are funded by the Yellow Media.

  • domo says:

    You really don’t get the point of the articles of GRP because you’re an ignorant flip who doesn’t give a damn on the sorry state of this country. At katulad talaga kayo ng bobo mong presidente: mahilig magbintang kahit inosente at walang matibay na ebidensya para lang sa ikakasaya ng sarili nyo.

    • Kalokohan ang GRP says:

      Wala ba talaga kayong ibang strategy kundi mag-name calling? Napakaenlightened naman! I really felt your concern for the country.

      Patunayan niyo na lang na hindi kayo propaganda machine. Yung may logic na paliwanag ha, wag yung puro ignorant flip+inosente-si-corona-because-I-said-so na hirit.

      • Anonymous says:

        IKAW, wala ka na bang ibang alam kundi maggulo at mang gago sa site na ito? Mukhang wala ka nang alam kundi manggulo lang dito gunggong!

      • domo says:

        But GRP IS not a propaganda machine but rather to enlighten ignorant flips like you. Ang hirap lang kasi sa iyo, masyadong malaki ang duda mo sa amin. And it’s very obvious na ang hilig mong magbintang. If you think we are paid hacks, who told you that? Your crystal ball?

      • Daido Katsumi says:

        Hehe, if you want to talk about a propaganda machine, that is the Yellow Media (ABS-CBN, Inquirer, etc.)

        You’re not enlightened at all. You’re just deluded, accusing of anyone just to make yourself feel good. No wonder why our country sucks.

  • Aegis-Judex says:

    I’m surprised we still have to give the lesser men “The Reason You Suck” Speech over and over again. Do they ever learn?

    • Anonymous says:

      Sadly,it seems that the yellow trolls and idiots are too dumb and stupid to comprehend intelligent counter arguments to their idiotic posts here.

    • NUT says:

      You are the Mother Theresa of our times with your self-proclaimed righteousness.

      But no grey matter inside really.

  • NUT says:


    Am borrowing from Parallax’s. (I like your wits sometimes)


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