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Proud to be Pinoy because of Pacquiao

November 14, 2011
by Ilda

Congrats to manny pacquiao!! pinoy pride yeah!!!!”

That was one twitter message from a Manny Pacquiao fan after the boxing champion’s controversial win over Mexican boxer, Juan Manuel Marquez.

Manny Pacquiao in Filipiniana

Pacquiao was the aggressor throughout, and landed some sharp punches of his own. But when the decision was announced, the crowd booed roundly and, once again Marquez had lost a close fight.

One ringside judge had it a 114-114 draw, while two others favored Pacquiao by 115-113 and 116-112. The Associated Press had it 114-114.

I often wonder what Filipinos like the above would say if and when Manny loses a boxing match. Are they still going to be “proud to be Pinoy” or are they going to bury their heads in the sand in shame?

To me, anyone who says, “I am proud to be Pinoy!” after Manny Pacquiao wins a fight has an identity crisis. Stop to think about it. When Manny Pacquiao wins, is it every Filipino in the ring with him while he fights? I don’t think so. Pacquiao may put our country on the map with what he does achieve, but why can’t Filipinos be proud as a people regardless? Does it have to take someone from the outside to tell us “Hey, you guys are ok!” before we can believe in our capabilities?

One of these days, Manny will lose a fight. It is inevitable. He can’t win every fight forever. It’s not possible. Even if he doesn’t lose, as an athlete, Manny only has his youth and stamina before he packs up his bags, go home, and retire.

Let’s face it. Boxing has never been the cleanest of sports. Characters from the underground have been known to rig fights just to please the audience. And if Filipinos continue to depend on Manny’s win just to feel “proud” to be Pinoy, they really need to have their head examined.

So please. The next time Manny wins a fight, try not to say, Proud to be Pinoy!


In life, things are not always what they seem.

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  • NoyP says:

    so we are proud of manny…

    …still proud to be pinoy! :)

  • manny,you are a great fighter,we are proud of you,while weare watching your fight to marquez,we are praying for your win,youdid it,we are very very proud here in ras al khaimah,

  • we are very proud of you.never give up

  • Gods love you always because you have a very clean heart

  • TaengGorbachev says:

    I believe Manny’s win is like the case of Efren Peñaflorida. He won because the Filipinos wanted him to win, if the technicalities are considered, perhaps the judges may have been threatened either directly(Filipinos bribed them, maybe) or indirectly(he read news about foreigners being lambasted by Filipinos just because they told the truth, as in the case of Adam Carolla, I think? And they wouldn’t want to get the lambasting). Not sure, but this is how I see it…

  • christy says:

    I guess his winning a fight still excites me (and yes it’s because I am biased). BUT I never cry out corny things like that LOL. I find it terribly cheesy and ashamed for the ones who cry out such irrelevance.Still, I think I just let them be so no big deal if they express as such because well, that’s just what they want to say. Again, no one should call out an idiot for saying something so irrelevant (really no big deal), because you know any intelligent people out there may also cheer for him that way. Even some non-pinoy asians in America feel proud of him by the fact that he’s representing the ‘great asian man’ model image to the world (after being so underrepresented in popular media).

    What is big deal to me is when people do the ‘fighting’ here at home. Going out of our way in droves cleaning streets, obeying simple traffic rules, being polite and friendly to everyone, finding ways to improve the nation, this is also where one’s pride should really invest on.

  • scalaberch says:

    I really agree with Ms. Ilda about this. This is really true. During the aftermath of the Manila Hostage Crisis, many Pinoys bury their heads and exclaimed “only n da pilipins”, “tanga talaga ang pinoy”, and such. But cite Pacquiao, Charice and others, they will be the first ones to be yapping “pinoy pride!”

    To those who didn’t get the author’s idea, in my opinion, she is showing the ironical thinking of most Filipinos, which we must avoid to do so. If you want to be proud to be a Pinoy, then do things that will make you proud of yourself as a Pinoy, like obeying simple traffic rules, going to appointments on time, and such.

  • Don says:

    Isn’t Manny supposed to be in Congress legislating something, at least lobbying for more Philippine Olympic boxing team funds?

    Anyone proud to be Pinoy because of Manny ought to have been flushed down the chute to a sanitary pad.

    Anybody who voted for him should be cleaned off with strong lysol.

    • Ilda says:


      I really do not know how a boxer can actually function effectively as a Congressman considering you need to spend a lot of time training for a fight. Not to mention the fact that he has to spend time away from the country.

      • nona says:

        pacman and the arroyo clan are as you would expect the top 4 non attendees at congress but with the parties and free trips to vegas – 63 congressmen attended the last fight – the congress club dont care.
        it was also amusing that in the cnn interview the intro said how he is a hard working congressman co-authoring 35 bills in his first year.
        the world co-author to me means you sit down and work on something. in congress it means you give your name to support it. another con by congress to make the people think they are burning the midnight oil crafting bills!

        • Ilda says:


          I wonder why the “people power” mob does not get angry at lawmakers who use public funds for travelling to Vegas? They also waste time on rest and recreation while the country is in urgent need of attention.

      • atozet says:


        Pointing the negative side of Pacquiao is good but I don’t see a balance reporting here. As a neophyte in congress, I believed he has done more public service than some if not most of the TRAPOS specially the person (25 years as congressman) he replaced. Pacquiao’s positive traits outweighs his negative traits. Everyone has weakness. Concentrate on the positive. Absent man si Pacman, mayroong namang mahalagang dahilan. Talo or panalo man sa laban, nakakatulong sa mamamayan ang kita ni Pacman. Yong ibang absentee sa congress mayroon ba silang mahalagang dahilan bakit sila absent? Bakit kaya mahal na mahal ng karamihan na mga Pilipino si Pacquiao? Dahil lang ba sa panalo niya sa boksing? o ang kanyang magandang katangian? Proud to be Pinoy.

  • nona says:

    stupidity and subservience come to mind.
    a complicit press who keep quiet doesnt help and i think apathy or ignorance.
    ask people how much a congressman gets. the answers are enlightening and explain part of it.
    most think they get 500,000 peso a year.
    even a congressman admits they get between 20 – 40% commission of pork barrel as standard practice dependant how greedy they are which equates to 15 – 30 million pesos a year plus other perks/backhanders.
    it makes filipino politicians the highest paid in the world and at 100 times the national wage average would be the equivalent of US congressmen being paid 3 million dollars a year!
    in US congress there are 47% millionairres but they make their money in order to get first in order to get elected.
    here i suspect there are 90% millionairres who have become such after election and then plough money into getting as many family retrobates elected as possible.
    anti corruption is a hypocritical joke whilst this conscious class elitism persists.
    even the party list system is a joke
    no principles. no values. no hope

  • Steel Night says:

    Top result of searching for “definition of pride” in Google was “A feeling of pleasure from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is associated…”
    I am, admittedly, a laid back to lazy person. Thus my oftentimes use of the nickname “Pinoy” instead of the more proud – P or F – P/Filipino.
    I am Proud to be Pinoy, Proud to be P/Filipino. That is my statement.
    To be proud to be Pinoy because of Pacman? That I am not. I am proud of the man, I am proud of his accomplishments, and I am proud of what he has shown the world we, the Philippine people, are capable of when we do more than try.
    I am proud to be Filipino, Pilipino, Pinoy. Why? A real solid and believeable and, possibly, acceptable reason? Just because I am one, one of hundreds, one of thousands, that wake up each day and do my best to prove that being a Filipino, Pinoy, Pilipino, is worth being proud of.
    I am also, admittedly ADHD, therefore I have decided to end my comment with this last statement, since my thoughts have started to go all over the place, my thought aren’t organizing themselves as I wish they would and I’ve still got another article to comment on…

  • filipino says:

    who started this PROUD TO BE PINOY anyway? karen davila?

  • Newbie says:

    why is it that all people here are trying to sway each others mind? i red this article and the comments just now and i am amused of your discussions. Can’t you just respect each other on what they have to say? what’s gonna change anyway if one convinces the other (and over a twitter comment? really?)

    some even sound that they are suppressing other’s right to say something or specifically their sense of pride. Peace!

  • EdGe says:

    This applies not only to MP but also to every Charice, Arnell Pineda, Shamcey Supsup, Jessica Sanchez and even the Azkals out there. Each time a Filipino gains global recognition resulting to instant celebrity status, (never mind if they’re half-bloods or if they don’t even know how to speak Tagalog because they grew up abroad), someone will always say “Proud to be Pinoy”.

    Question is, are we proud to be pinoy because of what they have achieved? Or because you are, in all sense of the word, really PROUD to be one with or without them?

  • rose says:

    A healthy sense of pride is necessary for any self-respecting person, country or culture.

    Whether you’re a boxing fan or not, one can see that this sport that takes a lot of training, skill, endurance, strategy and dedication. He most definitely had to struggle on his way to the top.

    It is totally possible to laud Manny Pacquiao for being both a great athlete AND fellow countryman. It is absurd to part him out, as if you could separate his being Filipino from his achievements, separate his torso from his legs. Like you and I, he’s a multi-faceted human being.

    If it uplifts the Filipino people, than that’s a tremendous thing. Countries esp. like the PI, can never have enough symbols of hope. Here’s a solid example of someone who came from nothing and despite all odds, made something of himself in the world. Period.

    Forgive your fellow Filipinos who sometimes articulate their excitement in simple terms such as “Proud to be Pinoy”. Because it is more than obvious, that when they say that, they too recognize his hard work and celebrate his great achievement.

  • Proudee says:

    why not coconut…….kesa magsisigaw ka dyan sa basketball na walang napanalunan, aber?

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